How many of us struggle with self harm?

Just wondering how many of us on here struggle with self harm and how old are all of you. Just wondering if there’s a trend behind the age.

I don’t self harm anymore (unless i’m psychotic) but i used to self-harm quite a bit. This happened in my mid to late teenage years. I “grew out of it” in my early 20’s.

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I just got over it.

It got boring i suppose…

im 30 now and the last time i scraped my skin off was when i was about 24

I struggle with self harm still. Started when i was 18 until about 21 then after my relapse six years later I started up again. I’m now 34.

Nowadays I only self harm when desperately want to feel pain when i deel dead or when my emotions are out of control.

I try not to though, but i slip every now and then.

I self-harmed back when i was a teenager for a while. Like @Sezbot241 said, i kind of grew out of it.

I self harmed quite a lot up to my mid 20s. I won’t go into details so as not to encourage others.

not at all

please don’t

I get enough head pain

I think smoking is form of self harm, especially since I have health issues.

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