How many of us here are currently

Got married 27 years ago. We had ups and downs but overall it is a good marriage.

Same for me, been with my partner since 2008.

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I was too withdrawn to ever have a significant other. I’m coming out of my shell now but I am not really considering myself as available. Not meant particularly for you, @FatMama, I must have pushed a wrong button.

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I plan on moving away from my boyfriend.

I love him and care for him and it has been a peaceful loving home but I do t want to spend the rest of my life here, my sacred neigh doesn’t have the happy home she should have here, I want to go vegan , I want to be the person I want to be and part of that is to be a vegan and also to not be controlled or told I can’t be a vegan and I just realised I do not want to be yelled and sworn at.

Definitely not in what is supposed to be my home because it upsets me in my older age.
When I was younger it was norm for me to be yelled and sworn at.

My boyfriend yelled and was swearing at me for wanting to be vegan .
I know it’s because he cares about me and he thinks veganism will make me sick but when he was screaming and swearing I became afraid he might physically abuse me or kill me.

I have not told him I am leaving and I’m scared to tell him because I worry he will scream and swear and I don’t want him to restrain me or abuse me or kill me and I want us to stay friends.

If I give him notice he may kick me out and I will have nowhere to go because I do not have friends and family in the state I’m currently living in.

I plan on moving interstate to live with my family.
They have a room for me.

I can’t afford to rent without centrelink help but thankfully I have a room with family.

We have been together for two years.

In a couple of months I may have moved.

I have yelled and sworn in my past but in my older age I want peace.:two_hearts:

Good behaviour to each other.

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