How many of us have Come off our antipsychotic cold turkey?

Describe your experience and consequences if you have.


I would never come off my antipsychotic cold turkey. I would work with my doctor to slowly taper off if I decided to quit. Cold turkey is a bad idea.


You say “us” @LittleMissSlothy? I hope you didn’t decide to skip your meds!?

As Bowens said, with the supervision of your doc, you can taper down.


I think the medications are designed to be addictive, that is why you say cold Turkey. It’s really tough cause you are alone cutting out medication. It means you are not compliant to the system and disciplinary actions will take place on top of cold Turkey.

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Every stop I stopped taking my meds cold turkey I ended up back in the psych ward. I’m never quitting meds ever again. I hate the psych ward!


I was 25 years old in the Spring of 1975. My doctor said the change in you we hoped for has happened, and I want you to stop all meds. Not that I was taking huge dosages.

Three months later I was psychotic. But once I realized what the meds were doing to me, I didn’t want to go back on them.

The next three years of my life were on and off again hell.

When I was stabilized back on the meds that had always worked for me, now I needed a much larger dose to function.

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I’ve never tried to.

I just meant us as in us the community.

Yea it is probably not a good idea for me to cold turkey.

I read a ucl article on it.

I stopped all of my meds cold Turkey in March of 2020. I felt fantastic for about a month and a half and then I quickly started spiraling back towards psychosis. My pdoc finally convinced me to go back on meds around the end of June 2020. I would never do it again.

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I went off a couple of times in the beginning, shortly after I was diagnosed. I had a hard time accepting to take drugs with heavy side effects and I truly believed I could make it just fine without them. But I never made it further than a month or so and then I went into psychosis again. I guess this story is pretty common. I might try to quit again some time in the future, but then I will cooperate with a doctor.

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It’s my favourite way to have bad relapses.


I came off lurasidone cold turkey early this year due to intolerable side effects. Because of that, I didn’t want to taper over to another drug right away, so I was on nothing. The lurasidone was a low dose so the doc said I’d be fine. About week later I was psychotic and started cariprazine. The psychosis lasted about a month until the cariprazine fully kicked in.

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