How many of us are bed bound

I think I must have mild depression as I’m bed bound if not at work, or shopping, or exercising.

I know it won’t last though, hopefully


Before I got my puppy I was in bed all day, everyday. I have depression as well as anxiety and schizophrenia. Since I started getting medicated I’ve been much more depressed.


I don’t have depression and I am bed bound except when I eat, go to bathroom, go talk with family or go play video games with friends on my PC for 2hrs everyday.


I am not bed bound, but I don’t go out much…


I can become bed bound when in the grips of depression which means I just want to lie in the dark and be left alone.



Only when Mrs. Raptor busts out the handcuffs.



Yeah times of bed bound or couch bound if I don’t force some sort of structure besides work.


I spend a lot of time in bed, the feeling sometimes is of being tied up and trapped because of so much difficulty in taking action. I only go out when I am called or for small appointments that are beneficial to health, like going to the gym twice a week, for example.

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Was bed bound before in midst of psychosis. Staring at ceiling corners, not good…

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You don’t sound bed bound to me. I think it’s enough what you are doing.

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I’ve had periods of depression and psychosis that left me in my room constantly. Either too paranoid of the outside world, or too low in mood to bother.

Seasons change helps, forcing ourselves is helpful but hard.

It sounds like you could use an adventure. Pick a direction and wander like Romani of old. Cross at least 7 seas, see the desert stars, wonder at the forces of nature under an aurora of deep greens.

Live girl! Live! Break free the shackles of bed! You can do it!

Llama is cheering you on!


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