How many of these life markers do you have?

  • A place of your own (rented, bought, etc)
  • A job
  • Friends
  • A husband or wife or long term partner
  • A car
  • Close by family
  • A college degree (or earning one)
  • Children
  • Other
  • None

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I just have friends, a college degree, and family, but soon I’d like to have a job and a car in the near future.
I do not feel that having more achievements in life will make you happier though. You can have it all and be quite miserable.

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I have a partner, a child, and a place of our own.

Partner, home, car, friends, close family, pursuing a degree.


Wow… I am surprised! On Reddit there are so many high functioning people. I asked if anyone worked and got almost 20 replies!


I rent out my apartment and I have three friends, I live near my sister and I have a college degree. That is it.

@SkinnyMe - Don’t you also play piano and care for a cat? :slight_smile:

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Have a car, relative sanity, family and friends. Live with parents and no job but I’m happy as larry just doing my thing and volunteering!

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Yes, I own a used piano and I have a new keyboard. I’m in the process of buying a portable roll up piano.
And I own a cat too. (Or, he owns me).

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I feel like I’m missing out on so much all I have is a car and myself. I have some internet friends too though at least!


Good cat lol @SkinnyMe :cat:

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I know it’s tough @Noise. It isn’t a contest. I hope things get better, though :slight_smile: Keep posting!

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I think I am lucky if compared to some other members here, because I own a flat, a car, have a loving husband and a child, a few good friends, 3 university degrees. I’m trying to get myself self-employed in the near future just depending on how much I have improved from chronic fatigue and restlessness.


I decided long ago not to have any children because they might inherit schizophrenia and I never wanted to put anyone through that. I do work, drive, rent an apartment and work.

Family friends house degree. (DipHE music. Not bachelors I failed ,y final exam)

I am in the process of going back to driving. I did have a car.

I currently have two , close by family and rented housing association place . I have had 3 at one time ie close by family, wife and rented council property.
Before I moved I may have had one ie rented council property, widowed and other stepdaughter I hadn’t seen for years 8-9 miles away,brother and sister about 40 miles away, stepdaughter I’m near now 3 or so hours away.

@Noise - yourself is awesome! Yay you! :slight_smile: Better days ahead! :slight_smile: Don’t let this survey get you down. :sunglasses:


I clicked other because I have pets and I think that’s the equivalent to having children. Except less shitty.

I got 5.

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I have 3 out of 10 life markers. I’m contempt with my life knowing how some other of my family members lives are. Compared to them, my life is similar to their life markers.

I have my family and something like a job.

I visit it too 1516157