How many names and faces can you remember?

i remember there was this guy i went to high school with who was popular and a couple years older than me, and he always remembered my name when i said hi, and it always amazed me

. me on the other hand, i tend to forget people who weren’t my age growing up. i remember one time i walked to the neighborhood pub and this lady asked who am i? and i had no clue who she was, turns out she was the mom of a friend of mine. she was hurt i didn’t know who she was.

im not sure how many people i can remember, maybe 2-300 people.

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Yeah, I had a couple of popular people who kind of liked me. It was kind of weird but in a good way. In 12th grade there was one guy who ran for class president because he was so popular. One day me and my friend sold him some pot and then we all cut school and went to his house and smoked it. We became friends with him and used to go to his house to party or just hang out. I remember his name.

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I had 800 FB friends before my SZ so more than 800. But now with SZ I don’t know because I only talk to 2-3 friends online, never in real life.

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