How many hours

What leeway do you give yourself on taking pills.

Mine is 3 hours after then I’ll skip rather…

what is yours?

Well usually 2 hours and not after I’ve fallen asleep.

I try to take them within two hours of waking up.
But if I don’t remember until after 3pm, I consider it too late.

If I forget my night meds I usually wake up at 3am in lots of pain, so I’ll get up and take them then. If I forget my morning meds I’ll take them whenever I remember. I don’t skip.

9:30 am. Hopefully that’s 3 hours after I get up. (Sometimes 2). Ive forgotten and taken them at 11:30. But anything after this time I’ve skipped.

I take evening pills at 9:30. Sometimes a little earlier if I’m tired.

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