How many here are

fighters and more aggressive and or a lover and quite passive?

I’m NOT a fighter… I avoid physical conflict… I tend to try to avoid a lot of conflict. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

I’m NOT macho. I don’t care how I come off in the macho department… as long as I come off as lucid.

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I tend to avoid conflict, and look for a peaceful solution to things. But sometimes I get cornered or harassed to the point of fighting back. It takes a lot to get me to that point though.

I’m Passive - Aggressive I can be a little bit of both, but I do not physically fight

My main fighting (takes the form of arguing) is caused just because I don’t know that person well enough yet. Once I know a person’s triggers and weaknesses I can work at accepting them and living around them.

I’m stubborn. I stand my ground, but don’t fight back. A deadly combo.

I’m a lover not a fighter. I try to solve conflict with diplomacy. Don’t like conflict - had enough of that growing up!

Im am aggressive. I don’t turn down arguments and if someone insults me they get it in the butt

I was always passive…I only get into arguments with myself.

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I used to be agressive. Now I’m passive. Maybe I have matured or maybe it’s the meds making me calm. I once threatened a supervisor at work. I said I was going to beat him up. Then I called my boss and said what I had done and said sorry. I didn’t get fired.

Passive yet stubborn. I don’t like conflict or raising my voice. I’m usually pretty quiet. I do however voice my opinion on things that are important to me when I think it’s necessary.


I’m passive, like you avoid physical aggression but I can be aggressive with my words when I want to be but that is rare when I was acutely ill I’d use against people i felt threatened by but now I fear violence and negative reactions I’ll even change my opinion to avoid negative reactions or arguments it drives my mum scatty… It seems through my illness, I have lost my backbone… I’m hoping I’ll regain some of it so I can keep my opinion without the fear of it all backfiring on me.

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