How many games did you have for Playstation 1?

30 here.


at the end of it’s life in 2000


I chipped mine and had about 100 games, all were pirate!


None, was playing on PC, Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike, Need For Speed, Mortal Kombat. The classics.

My favorite game was tony hawk pro skater 2. Played it at my friends house a lot


Had a few games. Not sure what happened to my ps1. Think my grandparents sold it. Which is a shame. Such a classic console.


My favorite game was monsters inc scare island. What can I say, I was young when I owned it (still a fun game).

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Like four or five dozen.

All the Resident Evils, all the Twisted Metals, all the Final Fantasies, and some other games. Demolition Derby was a fun one, so was RPG Maker.

Little over 25+ my Dad had it chipped when that was a thing, I remember I loved army men games plastic army men games

And we had a gun to play time crisis and all that jazz, good times… :relieved:

Had anyone played Tekken?

Yeah id ask for a girls number at the bar and she would be like “nu uhhh im tekken” then get wacked in the head with her purse.


None - i was probably Mac gaming. OMG>

I gave into console and got ps2

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Yeah man tekken 3

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Yes, exactly. Great game.
Also Crush or crash, a little fox running

I loved taken - i have taken on Xbox now - but im more into overwatch

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I played alot of platformers, later in life i got heavy into street fighter and pro evolution soccer

About 25 ish. I have many more now that I’m running it in emulation.

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I didn’t have one, but I nearly lived at my best friend’s house age 7-10, and he had games like Spyro, Tekken, Street Fighter…
Later I got a ps2. Didn’t have a lot of games, but I loooved Ratchet & Clank

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I used to love playing cool boarders 3 at costco on the demo ps1

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My father gave me a chipped PlayStation 1 for communion. I think I had over ten games. Didn’t even get into the games when I switched from the Amiga 1200 to the PS1.

Can remember that the first game I was able to beat was Resident Evil 3.


Do not rember how many games but:

Metal Gear Solid was awesome.

It’s just a box