How many doctors have you visited in one year

I counted that I have visited 11 doctors: dentists, health center doctors, surgeons, neurologist, eye doctors, doctors on duty and so on, what about you? Then I have my regular psych meetings and visited nurses at the health center every day for 3.5 months.

Apart from psych doc i have visited one doctor in 8 years. Then i had to be accompanied by two members of the rehab team. I got fed up with going about a physical concern to be met with ‘It must be something to do with the fact you’re mentally ill’.

Lets see. General Practitioner, Pschiatrist, Neurologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, cardiologist.

I have a regular doctor and a psychiatrist. Every once in a while my insurance will stop covering the psychiatrist so sometimes I will have to change doctors. I hate that. Get to know one then change. It is difficult opening and letting them get to know who you are as a person.

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i have not been to a dentist in 25 years ( i have good teeth ) , only recently saw a doctor who referred me to the medical health team ( the nutter squad ) .
the last doctor was 7/8 years ago and he told me i did not have sz, that was the day i walked out of the medical centre cured, i met ’ jesus ’ with a scottich accent .
take care

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Last year I had to see a proctologist for my colonoscopy (I’m over 50) Other than that I saw my psychiatrist and PCP twice a year. I haven’t been to the dentist since 1997, (fear of delusion kept me from going, but I know I need to go now), I just can’t afford a dentist since I don’t have dental insurance right now…

Last year I went to the Dr’s one time, only for routine stuff they have been bugging me for a couple of months to do.
This year I had to find a low cost clinic because I got pneumonia. My appointment was for 10:15AM, had to wait until 12:27 before the Dr. Came in, spent less than 2 minutes before sending my prescription to a local grocery store across town. Cost me $40. For the visit and $27.95 for 7 pills.
Had to pass up her recommended chest x-ray due to her estimated “low one hundreds” cost.

Two times visiting the optometrist in January-Feb. Feels like film or saran wrap over my right pupil. :eyes:

It seems like I go to one and they send me to another and…

This year i have visited about 5 times. I have a moderate hypochondriasis, when i am a little depressed i find my life unimportant, when i am feeling good i care about my life and i want to live longer even though schizophrenics have less life span.