How many dimensions is there?

just wondering if anyone knows

Depends on the theory. I’ve read at a glance one theory proposing 10 dimensions, and another 26 dimensions.

I can’t even grasp the 5th or 6th dimension very well. This stuff is confusing.


length, width, height and time. There are 4 dimensions.


Lol. There are many many dimensions.

But it’s best not to go there.


Who wants to go to another dimension with me?

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I used to think my apartment was in a different dimension, but I had worse symptoms then.

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I would suggest there’s an infinite number of them, but a physicist would vehemently disagree.

The reason I say that, is because if you think about things like topology. I think there is an infinite possibility of shape shifting (if this is the right line of thinking, I do not know).

What I mean to say is. A string can take infinite motion. And it can be within infinite combinations. The first means it can move however it wants to, and the second means it can shape however it wants to.

So that suggests infinity, but there’s a caveat … something combines the two of those ideas together ; which means infinity isn’t real and there is a single solution (otherwise there’s no regression between the variables).

(Just to put it out there, my levels of physics was first year university and I dropped out because of psychotic disorder, I don’t know anywhere near enough formal physics or mathematics to justify what I have written. I hope somebody corrects or adds to what I have written though, because there might be some truth or scientific merit to it!)

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They’re also theorizing that there are multiple universes. Another mind boggling theory.


I just realized carl sagan sounds like agent smith :smile:
Clearly hugo weaving must of pulled inspiration from him for smith

I explore this too.

Imagine a plane. It has an x and y axis. It looks like a regular graph. A vertical axis, and a horizontal axis. The vertical is one dimension. The horizontal is another.
Now imagine a diagonal axis. We’ll call it z axis. This is yet another dimension.
Now imagine a sphere. In the center of the sphere, is a point. From that point, a line segment can reach the outer circumference of the sphere by traveling in almost any imagined direction. Each imagined direction one could take from the center point to the outer circumference is an additional dimension.
The vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, are our basic understood dimensions.
A dot, expanded, makes a circle. A circle, expanded, makes a sphere. A sphere, expanded, seems to go inward, into itself, as it expands.
A line, expanded, becomes a square, or rectangle. Expanded again it becomes a cube, or box. Expanded again it becomes something that has a cube inside it, seemingly. We’ll call this the 4d shape.
The 4d shape expanded becomes the 5d shape. The 4d shape appears inside the 5d shape.
The 5d shape expanded becomes the 6d shape, and appears to have the 5d shape inside it.
And so on.
A sphere, when cut in half, reveals a circle. Cut a circle, and you have many points
A cube, when cut in half, reveals a square. Cut a square, and you have many lines.
The next dimension is an expanded version of its previous dimension. It seemingly can go on forever, but who really knows?

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I think theirs about 6 or 7 dimension

Maybe 10 dimensions

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One dimension will prevail at the instantaneous transition point from this reality through the next big bang and into the next reality and that one dimension will consist of all information in perpetuity. This came to me when I was in my acute phase and I still believe it.

None. Absolutely none

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Heaven and earth

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I say there is unlimited dimensions, we will keep finding new ones :grin:

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I dropped out of math before we got to Hilbert Spaces and stuff like that. I read too that over a certain amount of dimensions, physics becomes unstable. They don’t know. M theory is 11 dimensions I think.

Most likely small curled up extra dimensions. 3 spatial, 1 temporal, +7 other small wrapped up dimensions.

M theory is the best thing we have.

In math, we learned the basics of dimensions, but I never took physics courses. I want to teach myself more in depth some day. I want to learn a crap ton of stuff. I got the books. I just need the will power and dedication and stuff.

If I can get a PhD I can prove to these crap-shoots that I’m the boss and that I’m their daddy and they don’t know ■■■■ about matirx theory lol (doctors and therapists that is).

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69 dimensions, or 420.