How many delusions do ya have?

Guys, there is no sense in getting argumentative over this. It accomplishes absolutely nothing.

If you don’t like a user’s posts, you don’t have to read them.

not really sure how many delusions ive had. its kind of a weird question atleast for me because I don’t have long term ‘idee fixe’ delusions. Usually after my psychotic symptoms subside the delusion goes away, except for one time I had devised a complex political theory and even today sometimes think about it even though its wrong.

I don’t really have ongoing delusional thinking. I have had two psychotic breaks, if that’s what you mean

I have had multiple delusions. I have no idea how many. I have zero delusions now. Just negatives.

I have thousands of delusions. John titor delusion, satoshi nakamoto, writer of urantia book, and writer of rosetta stoned by tool, to name a few. that I’m an immortal time traveler stuck in an infinite loop starting around 2011-2013 (some time around that) and it makes me think the planet got destroyed and we live in a computer simulation and there exists an outside world that I’ve been too before.

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It’s more complex that that, but there is one main grandiose thing I think that I have trouble not thinking. It’s easier to not think it when I’m on a bunch of Haldol.

And there have been many, many twists and turns of that one specific thought—but it all boils back to the one. I don’t even want to try to count them because revisiting many of them would be quite problematic.



@rocket do you mind my asking what the original thought was?

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  • Being tortured by aliens on a space ship
  • Military people after me
  • Trapped in a simulation, talking to A.I.'s, waiting to be printed out into the real world
    …so about 3. lol
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I never had that one, but thought I was just 1’s and 0s on the edge of a black hole – just 2 dimensional – according to what I understood from "holographic principle’. Basically I thought my reality and mind was just information like on a cosmic black hole hard drive and I was self-aware of things. Could I be living in a black hole? What’s the connection to simulation theory? Just my thoughts.

I feel that I’ve been warned not to tell. And while I have told some people, I will not do so on such a public forum as this one.

I will say that it’s a religious grandiose one, but not the most common.

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I’ve had a few. That I am the son of Lucifer, that this is all a simulation, that others can read my thoughts and that I’m being watched and recorded by cameras everywhere.

I don’t have any delusions anymore.