How many comorbid issues do you have?

I have anxiety, withdrawal, insomnia, guilt…so much comorbid i don’t know which one to wish at least i didn’t have.

In addition to my psychotic disorder, I also have what’s probably best described as a chronic fatigue with hypersomnia. The fatigue and hypersomnia may be due to my vitamin D insufficiency, although a 3.5-month trial of vitamin D3 didn’t seem to produce lasting benefits for me. Still, though, I’m back on vitamin D3 right now because I feel like I’ve exhausted all of my other reasonable treatment options.


pretty severe generalized anxiety disorder, high blood pressure, paranoid schizophrenia, non-deficit subtype. I take a med for each disorder.

I also have generalized anxiety disorder, as well as paranoid schizophrenia. I also have asthma.

Oppostional defiant disorder+OCD+Paranoid Schizophrenia= ???

Paranoid sz, panic disorder, depression, insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, gastroparesis (a condition where my stomach is partially paralyzed).

I wouldn’t wish any of these on my worst enemy!

Panic disorder, seasonal affective disorder and pretty severe anxiety. I used to be OCD to the point that I had to check under my bed and in my closet at least three times before going to sleep, but now that’s lessened.

paranoid schizophrenia, social anxiety PTSD and recently SAD

Mild OCD, mild bipolar disorder, anti-social disorder and schizophrenia. Plus a number of phobias like all normal people.

I have OCD, self mutilation disorder, major depression, and schizo affective, as well as generalized anxiety disorder.