How many booster shots before we get our freedoms back? Serious question

How many booster shots before we get our freedoms back? Serious question.

We may be doing it forever. We may not. I don’t think anyone really knows.

When there was the flu pandemic after the world war I think it was 2 years.

Before it was over.

I don’t think they had vaccines back then.

I think this one will come to an end but it may last longer than 2 years.

Idk, maybe the health of the world has deteriorated.

We are in general more sedentary and the diet has changed since then.


Strange but true. Our sedentary habits, and diet is worse than theirs but before the pandemic we were living much longer and it could be argued we still are.

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I haven’t lost any freedom. But I dont think mandates were a good idea. I think more would be willing to trust the science if it were left to the healthcare and doctors not politics and businesses.

I was microchipped. But I think it expired. I hope so…no way to really know…or prove. Im free, Im just being watched all the time and tracked…not sure how the chip works…its a nanochip…or was…I think it just tracks my location and has healthcare data on it.

Yea I suppose we are generally living longer. Not sure why in the majority of cases. Perhaps medication is keeping many of us alive for longer.

I don’t know.

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I have not heard anything in the news about the actual virus. I got my third shot and flu shot. Im worried about the flu moreso than covid19 but not really because I got the flu shot. I think the real issue we’re facing is social unrest and pandemic fatigue is more deadly than the actual virus which I havent heard much about.

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I reckon it will be an addition to the flu jab we have every year here in the Uk.

Its the elderly it generally puts into the ground - whilst all the 16-17 year olds are spreading it, cos they generally have mild symptoms.

Everyone is still wearing masks despite being vaxxed on vaxxed. Like Im not having symptoms I have had three doses and Im still wearing a face covering I find it annoying like maybe I’m hostage to a third world takeover.

Coughing on a bus in 2021 = yelling bomb on an airplane 2012

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Masks are not compulsory in the shops where i live anymore. But i still wear one - cos i put money on the fact we will have another outbreak when the winter sets in and people are coughing from colds.

Boris the PM, hasnt got the balls to enforce another lockdown over the xmas period, cos i reckon it would be political suicide.

Give it a month or two - and it will be on the news the NHS is knackered again.

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I get it–they can prevent transmission when you’re up close to people. also flu season but I still dont know that the mask really is effective enough. I feel its more of a false sense of security. like if you are having any sort of symptoms, stay home or wear a mask but minimize contact. The other thing is, does it really pass through respitory dropletts? Or dont viruses travel faster through the air just in being around people? I think thats a sign the strains are waning and humanity is winning…that people are feeling more comfortable…

still on pins and needles because its been such a shock to the soul having so much death and despair around me/in the world at large and all the lockdowns people going crazy its really bad—

I hope humanity wins and we dont go extinct. Im thinking of doing some spells to ward off winter.

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This virus will be around for years to come. But like all the others - in a few years it will be eradicated. I just hope it dont go the way of the MRSA virus that is treatment resistant.

At the end of the day - its no hardship to pop a mask on when your in public. The chinese have been doing it for years. I honestly dont understand the uproar from the anti-vaxxers - the same idiots that think 5G is carrying it.

The key is education - and getting rid of all the mis-information.

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I didnt “link it” - thats what the anti-vaxxers were saying over here. Which obviously is total bollox.

(Trust me to cop a troll when im in a good mood).

So you’re just going to regurgitate what people are saying without thinking if it makes sense or not?

Mandating a vaccine seems appropriate in businesses in some ways–because I dont want to go somewhere and risk catching the virus…but in others it seems harsh…like my brother got the vaccine but he’s in a company of under 100 people and he works from home so he isnt mandated. He said it made him angry that Biden issues a blanket mandate…because…it just hurt a lot of people…and there are people who cant handle vaccines. Not everyone’s DNA/Immune system responds the same…

I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t had a logical reason for why they haven’t gotten the vaccine. I met someone whose wife was a nurse and said she almost died from the flu vaccine in the past; I know people who would trust their own immune system to fight it off…I feel thats their own right though. Because the immune system is there for a reason.

Im a libertarian so Im not right/left I dont follow the politics.

But there are some crazy ones who think the vaccine is poison…or that Bill Gates wants to depopulate us with the vaccine thanks to fringe networks online.

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