How many? 151515

I’ve had 15 jobs by the age of 33…my longest employment was 3 years seasonally at a golf course…epic job…but ■■■■ pay…have a hard time staying employed longer than 6 months

how bout you how many jobs have you had?

one time I quit a job because management tried to get me to stay an hour longer…f that, couldn’t be stressed.

quitting jobs is like it’s own high I’ve learned…walking out without a word is my favorite method

I’ve been through probably 7 or so. Longest was like 5 years. Always was a little mental and found reasons to quit. I’ve quit a few of them but never burned my bridges. You always leave something up your sleeve!


I lost my Job after working 4 years for the company. They fired me Nov 2017.

yeah I’ve been fired twice. once for poor attendance and once because it was cheaper to replace me with someone entry level. in Indiana you have to be employed for 30 months before you qualify for unemployment

I’ve had 5 jobs. Three of them were seasonal (color guard instructor, winter guard instructor, some camp housing director) so they just ended and I didn’t go back, though some of them I did for multiple seasons. Other than that my first job was as a waitress and my last job was as a manager for group homes for adults with developmental disabilities. When/if I’m able to work again, that’s what I want to go back to. I loved it.


I’ve had 4 was going to get fired from 3 (but one I quit before I could get fired and another it was kinda mutual but I left on decent terms)

I have no idea how many jobs I’ve had. I know I’ve had quite a few. I’ve never worked for anyone (for pay), longer than three years either. I’ve held this volunteer job I have now for the last ten years. I expect to keep it for the rest of my life.

I got my first job at age 17 right out of high school. In the following two years I had about 15 different jobs but I never stayed at one longer than three months. I got fired at many of them, left the rest for various reasons.

Then at age 19 I got sick and didn’t work again until I was 22. At 22 it was just 9 months after an 8 month hospitalization. I got the job and ended up staying there four years. I’ve had about another 15 jobs since then and I’ve lasted four years at one, and a couple for 3 years apiece. I’m 56 and I’ve been at my current janitors job for about 5 years. Easy job with many benefits. The city I work in just raised their minimum wage to $15.00 per hour! I’m diggin it!


My first job was at Baskin Robbins, making $1.25 an hour. I hauled hay in high school. Then I spent four years in the army. In the interval I’ve worked at numerous jobs delivering pizza. It’s one of those jobs where they aren’t fussy about who they hire. They are getting the free use of your car, after all. I’ve also worked at several jobs telemarketing. I’ve also worked in a bookstore.


I’ve had about 20 jobs starting when I was 12. In my state, you can start working at a family business at age 12. The longest I’ve stayed employed was 6 years as a DJ, then 5 years at a bakery. The rest were a year or less. I think the shortest job I ever held was waitressing for 3 weeks. I ragequit that one, and that was the only job I ever quit on bad terms. It was during the height of my psychosis, when I was homeless.

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I’ve had 8 or 9 jobs. I’m a good employee, except that I have to take days off more often than some. Working in education is perfect for me because I get lots of days off.
I’ve had little part-time jobs when young, then full-time starting at 22, I think. I didn’t work the first five years of my son’s life, and then worked part-time at first and then full-time again. I’ve worked in special education on and off for many years and that’s what I do now, and I’ve worked in custom framing shops and galleries too.

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I’ve worked four jobs so far. The first was a temp job renovating a dollar store; lasted ten days. After that, I was a caretaker for an elderly relative for a couple of months. Then I worked at a call center for a combined total of seventeen months (quit once, then went back, then quit again). Most recently, I worked as a cashier; held that job for nearly a year but had to quit because I had an abrupt psychotic breakdown that landed me in the hospital (and on this website :D).

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