How lont it lasts till lithium starts working?

I take 250 pill in the morning and evening and i take it one month. How long may i wait?

You’ve been taking it for one month?

I would give it at least another month.

You are on a very low dose.

so it can be more than 2 months?

Yes - but also you are on a low dose

did you take it? Are you working? tell a little bit about you :slight_smile:

I was on Lithium many years ago.

It did not help my moods so much, Depakote was better for me.

At the time I was working.

I had to get off of it because it was giving me Hypothyroidism.

so it is possible that it will not help me?

It’s possible, but then again it could work out for you.

Everyone is different.

what sort of job did you do?

I worked in Education