How long you sleep a night on average

I sleep at least nine hours.


Varies dramatically as I can stay up a few nights with tons of energy then sleep a few days. Seems 9hrs tends to be the best for me also though. Problem is I’m such a night owl. But trying to beat that out of myself.

between 6 and 10 hours

It varies widely with me. It can range from three hours to twelve hours. Last night I got about eleven hours of sleep.

Bout 12. I’ve got no reason not too. My dreams have been utter ■■■■ recently though. Sometimes they are dependably cool. I don’t even care to remember that chaos at this point.

i average around five hours

I sleep for 8hrs at night and take an hour nap in the evening during work

In addition to my meds that help me to sleep well, there may also be more melatonin during the winter when it is darker here in northern Europe, which helps me to sleep longer, but during the summers when the sun may set at 11 pm and rise again at 3 am, I sleep less, because it is so much lighter.

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That’s a crazy amount of sunlight. 20 hours? You get the reverse of that in the winter?

In December it gets dark at 3 pm and then light again around 9 am.

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The summers are fun though because it is so light and I can ride my bicycle f.ex. in the middle of the night, when I was in my early teens and I collected butterflies and moths, you can actually see these night moths flying at nights and it is relatively easy to capture these. Here is one night moth.


I’m doing a lot better, getting about 10 hours a night instead of 12+.


The nature here where I am needs a period of rest which is the winter in order to be born again in the spring and the summer. Bears sleep in the winter. My butterfly and moth collecting hobby was both fun and teaching. In the summer I used to collect caterpillars of these moths and butterflies, but after they had formed a cocoon these required a period of coldness which is why I kept these cocoons under snow and took back to a warm room in the middle of the winter and soon there were beautiful moths in my room. It was something fun I did.

Kind of hard for me to say as I often sleep for a few hours ,wake up, get up for several hours, then sometimes but not always go back to bed.
For the whole day though, given that I can take to bed several times during the day as well, I probably sleep a reasonable amount of hours.
My sleep pattern is not a typical 10-6/12-8 one though.

My average is 5 hours a night, sometimes 4hrs or 6hrs or a bit more.
With this in mind, I do sometimes take mini naps or rest my body on the couch - my naps dont usually go past 1hour

The funny thing is before regular meds I found it hard to sleep during the day. My late wife had a habit of having an afternoon nap and I would sometimes join her. Outside noises and stimuli would usually keep me awake.