How long you in pyschotic episodes before you realize you got schizophrenia?

I start to hear voices and in psychotic episodes for 2 years before i realize i got schizophrenia.
How long you in pyschotic episodes before you realize you got schizophrenia?
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Took about 4 years to get formally diagnosed.

It took me over 10 years to get diagnosed, because my sz started when I was a kid.

Lol my whole life. Didn’t know anything was weird about me until I was like 16.

Parents (mostly my dad) are anti-mental health field. My dad because he just doesn’t really understand mental illness and distrusts therapists and psychiatrists as being quacks and my mom because she’s constantly in denial that anything could be wrong with her kids. So they just ignored me when I’d talk about the monsters and ghosts or whatever after me and told me it wasn’t real and to get over it, so I just stopped telling them about it and decided people wouldn’t believe me rather than what I was experiencing was fake.

The same way they just kind of ignored my brother’s severe phobias, one of my brother’s epilepsy, and one of my brother’s current issues with paranoia as well. (He sleeps with a baseball bat for crying out loud!! Take him to see somebody!) They’re really good parents, aside from this. They think the issues just go away over time but really we all just learn to shut up about them.

I was seeing things that weren’t there and hearing things that no one else could for years before I was officially diagnosed SZ.

I remember seeing a skeleton nightly in the corner of my room when I like between 7-10 I can’t remember. But I’d be too scared to get up and go to the bathroom because of it

likkkke a coupppple months being in the baby mind talking ■■■■ before they say you got schizophrenia at the hospital I don’t think I got it because I think I’m a fake. like when I start to hear ■■■■ nowadays I can just listen without believing anything.

It took me about four months to realize it, another three months before i told anyone and went to the gp. The official dx followed soon after. During follow-up episodes i never forgot that i was ill, even when delusional.

I came down with this when I was 21 and got diagnosed when I was 39. My mother was in charge of me so I only learned my DX when I had myself committed to a hospital myself.