How long were the boards down? If you get you win a free bottle of pills

I believe it was from 7 a.m. central time, but maybe you guys know.

I think it was about 12h

Wouldn’t mind the free pills :smile:

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I came at about 7 a.m. and you couldn’t post, but you could read, so I would say sometime within that time frame.

It was down at 2 am pst, so maybe earlier than that.

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I last checked at around midnight Central; when I got back on there were 4 threads that had updated before the crash and it said they were 12 hours old. So I was guessing that it went down around 1-2 Central. Wave had the last two posts, he might have a better idea.

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I survived,…,…,., 11555

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It’s the second time, since i’ve been here that @Patrick says he’s taking a break and the site crashed. My delusions tell me it’s related lol

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He leaves a trail of fire, fur sure!

This makes more sense than anything. @SzAdmin, upon hearing of @Patrick’s intentions, pours a bottle of vodka over the servers.


Was that when was inaccessible today bc it was down?

yeah, it was operable around midnight my time (central time) but after that not sure.

I spend my days on this site & watching youtube Maury&Super Nanny

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They were out at 2:00 am PST.
And came back up around 10:30 am PST.

A little later on both accounts I think, but not sure, you might win the free bottle. Would you prefer a bottle of olive oil instead?

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Sure. Extra-Virgin please.

@Daze I need some Vodka& I don’t drink

The Mediterranean diet uses a lot of olive oil. It is also the healthiest diet in the world.

Looks like we may have to buy more sarcosine from brain vitaminz to keep things up and running :slight_smile:

I tried doing that. Didn’t work too well.

I tried too just makes me agitated over time