How long time to adjust to the lower dose?

Anybody who did it? I have a bit more of anxiety and am in pain, but I was very bad on a bigger dose, so I would like to succeed now :slight_smile: . So I try the 7,5 mgs of Zyprexa, which seems a good dose still to me.
I am on week 3 now from the lowering. Can I adjust to the new dose without anxiety? How long time this can take in your opinion?
Was the lowering quite hard for you too, but then it settled down with time?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Some experiences somebody please? I am still on the 7,5 mgs. For the moments, its ok. I have some moments where it gets painful, but it goes away… Maybe i’ll end up by getting used to this. I got the idea already, that the life is a suffering… And mostly for us,szs, so I should try to beat this with some other ways, not always looking to be ‘‘saved’’ by tough meds…