How long should you wait before you pop a boil?

I’m thinking of doing it myself with a razor blade, or should I have someone do it for me because of the potential for infection?

Is it your boil or is it on someone else?

Ettiquette is a complicated thing.


I would t do that, it could get infected. Either wait it out and let it pop by itself or have a doctor do it

I strongly recommend against doing it yourself. See a doctor or nurse if it is at all possible. They’ll be able to do it 100% safely in a sterile environment with the correct sterile equipment and sanitation practices. They can also look at it before operating to make sure it isn’t indicative of a larger problem and isn’t infected


I’ve already tried to do it. Blood came out and not pus. But don’t worry. I have plenty of antibiotic ointment and good band aids. It was messy.

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It’s mine. … 15