How long is life........?

as above folks

ooo :slight_smile:

If you live in suffering then it’s really way too long. If you live happy everyday then it’s fast over.

somewhere around 80 years i think…

no one suffers there whole life in fairness

It depends on the person, obviously.

I heard energy can’t be destroyed

and humans are made of it

For a bug who lives one day I suppose it’s really short

Maybe a bugs life is as intricate as a humans

Maybe we’ll be reincarnated as 24 hour life cycle bugs and life will be equally fulfilling as a humans

Maybe it’s all relative

And bugs life feels like 100 years to them.

And they’re smarter than we think.

Maybe if you’re reincarnated as a redwood tree :evergreen_tree: time goes really fast. And even though you live hundreds of years it still feels as long as a maple trees who’s much shorter. All about perspective. Maybe a redwood is jealous of the oak tree. Maybe the dogwood is jealous of the sycamore. Maybe trees can’t think or anything of that nature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What ur view on different dimensions

There probably are different dimensions but I dunno if we will ever find a way to access them.

life goes on regardless imo

LOVE rules

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