How long have you been with your psychiatrist?

I’ve been two years with mine haven’t had a psychiatrist really before that as was getting my treatment in government. I was wondering if people keep the same psychiatrist for many years or if people change every now and then. I like the psychiatrist I got allows me to choose a treatment plan and meds after explaining things and potential risks. He’s also good at stabilising me if I relapse.


I was with a pdoc till he got retired :slight_smile:
About 9 years.
Lol to come out off the understanding was tough.
Anyways I am with a new pdoc now.

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About 6 feet…,…

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About 8 years with my current pdoc.

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11 years. I win haha.


1 month. Probably will see a new one next time. They all leave.

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My first psychiatrist was for 21 years.
Second was for 1 year
Third one is now almost a year…end of March (this one is a Nurse Practioner). Thinking about giving up the ship early though.

Just started with mine in October.

My first p/doc went deaf and i kind of got passed around after that, couple years here and a few years there with different p/docs, i had a really good one but he was reassigned at the start of lockdown, when i was unwell i was treated appallingly at my old clinic and i was forced back to my old clinic but i cant really use that place bc of something that happened. (its a bit fkd up)

I’ve lived here less than a year and I’m on my 4th psychiatrist. They keep leaving or dropping me. The last one I saw one time then she went on a 3 month vacation so I had to switch to someone else. Hopefully this one will be here for longer.

2 years. I love my pdoc. But unfortunately she had a kidney transplant a year and a half ago. I’m worried she’ll get sick and pass away. She’s a really good person

Last one was about six months. We keep moving for my wife’s job lately and it takes six months to find a new pdoc. Then we move again.

I’ve been seeing my current Nurse Practitioner since mid-2019, I think.

She’s a decent human being and very straight-forward.

15 years, since I was first diagnosed with depression when I was 14

i think like 7 or 8 years same pdoc… i didn’t seem him when i was second time in psych ward but after i got released i went back to him.

I saw my first psychiatrist for 4 years, I think. But she went part-time, only 2 days per week, and I couldn’t stay with a psychiatrist who wasn’t available most of the week.

I’ve been with my new psychiatrist for 3 months. She’s really nice and caring. I will video chat with her later today.

I usually last a year or two with each doctor. My care has been discharged to my family doctor in the summer but I’ve been with her for about 2 years? I really like her so I’d like to make it long term but she did go on maternity leave for about a year. I hope she comes back for sure, she’s really nice.

Since October 2008, 12 years.

I’m just over 2 years with my current psychiatrist. The one before I stayed 6-7 years, but I switched because he didn’t want to try to lower my meds. The attempt failed, but at least I got to try.

I have mine since 1992. So 29 years.

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