How long have you been taking meds...?

im on zyprexa and anti depressants 11years

Been taking psychiatric meds since the end of 1973.

i find i will need them for the rest of my days

I started in 2010. Not very long time…yet.

I’ve been on antipsychotic and antidepressant meds for 8 years now. Things have improved dramatically since I started Latuda a few years ago. It works better than Clozaril for me.

I hope you all find a med that will help you improve too!




Different meds at different times probably since the mid 1970’s, starting in childhood

I’ve been on Geodon for only 6 months. It’s good as long as I take xanax and propanalol for akathisia and anxiety as well. Hopefully I will stay on all three, I see my doc on the 14th.

I been taking the same med for 8yrs. Now.

45 years…

32 years. 24 years prolixen. 8 years rsperidone.

I have been taking Geodon and Trazodone for about two and a half to three years now. I’ve been on Klonopin for about a year. And I’ve been on Benadryl for about two years. For about three quarters of a year I was on Prolixin too, but then my psychiatrist said that they were going to stop producing it. He then gave me a one month sample of Abilify, but when he tried to prescribe it for me, the insurance company wouldn’t cover it, saying that it was too much like Geodon.

On the same med, a low dose of Navane, for 42 years. Later added Wellbutrin, Buspar, and Neurontin.

I’ve been on pills since April 2010. I plan on being on them for as long as i need them.

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I’m on Neurontin, Invega, Trazadone, Geodon, and Cymbalta. Have been on various meds for about 15 years. Plan to stay on meds for rest of my life. The side-affects are far less severe than my symptoms.

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Off and on since about 1985. Very often maybe the past 14 years. Religiously the last 5.

I’ve been slipping a little bit lately. Need to really get a grip on that.

nearly 13 years now and nothing has changed except my experience of “delusions” now i don’t believe in the erotomanic ■■■■■■■■ i’ve been forced to believe for years. i still believe in some of the science but not all of it at all. if only i were just ill, i would gladly take a med to stop it but no med i have found yet takes away the voices. i wish they did. although i haven’t yet tried clozapine. i would have to lose two stone b4 trying that just in case it makes me stuff my face lol.

Since 1963—51 years.

Been on Seroquel and Zoloft for about 3 and half years. 2 recent years with Seroquel/ Latuda and Xanax.

For five years be 6 next month. I tried coming off the anti depressant 8 months ago to reduce medication but negative symptoms got too strong so was put on a different one and now it’s more under control and i’m symptomatic enough with medication for psychosis I don’t think they’ll let me come off it for a while I’m hoping it won’t be a lifelong thing but it’s not looking hopeful right now. I’m hoping with a few years of stability and cbt i’ll be able to monitor myself enough to last without medication.

21 years! More than half my life!