How long have you been taking medicine

I’ve been taking medicine since I was 17 years old, just antidepressants…for like a year.

I’ve been taking my medicine consistently, the most…for the last 7 months.

Steadily since 1981. Since Prince Charles and Princess Dianas wedding.

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Consistently since 1999 so I’ve hit two decades on the old brain pills. Has improved my life a heck of a lot.


Since 2011, though I stopped meds for 1-2 years.

Since 2011.its about 9 years.i stopped to take at 2015 but i got relapse and start to take 2016 again.i m not thinking to quit anymore


2 - 3 years about

Omg same for me, I stopped meds in beginning of 2015 and got back on meds in end of 2016. I started taking meds for the first time end of 2011.



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Off again/on again since the 1990’s. Consistently since the Fall of 2008.

Started 2018.on again Dec 2018.

Consistently for the past 2 and a half years. Doing pretty good so far. Just been sleeping a lot.

Since 2017 1515151515

Since the 1990’s. Almost three decades.

Since 2013, got my first psychosis between the winter 2012 and spring 2013. Probably an oddball before that though.

APs about 3 years, I think. ADs on and off for 18 years.

15 years. I got put on medication when I was about 21.

I’ve been on aps now for 11 years. I don’t take anything else.

Consistently since 2012.

Hospitalised on 1994 and continue tablets medicine from 1996.