How long have you been smoking

I’ve been smoking for 11 years.


I started at 26. Gave up at 34. Then I was hospitalised at 39 I started again in hospital.

Then at about 43 I switched to vaping.


I’ve been smoking cigarettes and cigars for 42 years. I have been vaping for 15 years, but not exclusively.

I smoked for 17 years, but quit a long time ago.

I started in 2017/2018. The voices had me convinced it was part of some deeper meaning, but now I’m hooked :frowning:


I’ve been smoking off and on for almost 30 years.

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Since 2017, so roughly four years. It was very occasional in that year. But 2018? Started chain smoking regularly and continue to present.

I think it was a means for cognition and escape from auditory hallucinations panic, but it turned into enjoyment and then compulsion or feeling like a necessity slowly.

Very sad I ever took it up. Don’t know when, if ever; I will quit.

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I smoked shisha once in my life didn’t like it.

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Since 2013… so about 8 years

I was never really a smoker, never had a pack on me. But I smoked shisha mostly with friends, sometimes cigars. Now I just vape, started 3 years ago.

I vape out of boredom I think as I have nothing to do.

I tried it for a couple of years, but it started giving me chestpain and asthma so I quit.


I started smoking at 14 :frowning:
Now I vape for more than 10 years.
(i quit smoking.)

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I’ve been smoking for 17 years I hate it and I smoke 3 packs a day!

6 months. Ever since my episode.

Ever since I bought these new pumps. I am smokin’ hot in them.



I smoke since 3 and a half years.

Been smoking since 15years old… so 18 years

I have smoked for 20 years

10 years. Im down to 12 ciggs A day.