How long have you been ill?

Since 2011. I’m very stressed out.

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Since 2007 with depresion (hospitalized because of self harm)
And then in 2012 diagnosed with schizophrenia

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I started being depressed about 1991. Had my first break in February 2000 and was admitted to a psych ward.

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First saw a pdoc late 1973. First admission May 1975. Reckon I was off key, but not necessarily mentally ill , long before that .

First breakdown (diagnosis adjustment disorder with anxiety plus ptsd) may/june 2011. Spring 2012 first fullblown psychosis plus hospital stay (diagnosis brief reactive psychosis).

I’ve been battling schizophrenia since 2011

I’ve always felt a little off. According to my dad, my symptoms started at 9.
Heard my first voice at 5, but didn’t tell anyone.

My first psychotic break and hospitalization was in March 2011.

Just one year. Constantly deteriorating though

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a long time

but nothing stopped me from doing anything

thank God for modern medicine.


I had delusions that people in cars were going to shoot me. I thought my close friend’s reason for wanting me to visit him was to kill me( another delusion). This was in 2010. I heard my first voice say: knife! knife! when I was playing Grand Theft Auto at 5 AM(2010) . Then in 2011 I heard a voice say: your life is not worth living, you should kill yourself with the gun in the closet. I got diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia in 2011. Re-diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder in 2016. So about 7 years now.

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I have symptoms of schizophrenia since I was 7 years old but the first time I visited a psychiatrist I was 19. So If have been from 7 yo 19 without medication and I have read this is really bad.

gotr ill in 2002 june…so thats 16 and a half yrss for mr

Diagnosed 2months now at age 27. Symptoms sense kid

I was diagnosed with psychotic depression in March I think and schizoaffective disorder twice in May. I still question my diagnosis.

First saw a pdoc in June of 2009. First hospitalized July 2010

Was probably ill since around 2004-2005

All my life but officially diagnosed with SZ when I was 20 years old.

20 years next year.

Sad thread btw

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Since 2000. It was around when I was thirty.

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