How long has it been since you've been on a date?

An actual date. I would say for me it’s been about 11 years. My ex husband took me out to a restaurant and bar before we were married. We didn’t go on dates after we got married. So maybe that’s been 12 years now.

I went on many dates last year up until December.

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That’s a long time, @leafy

You should get on the market and have some fun dates.

You may/may not be in love with the dude, but you can have a good time.

Last real date I had was probably our anniversary in March,

But we have “date night” every Saturday.

I usually cook a nice meal and the sex is a sure thing.


I haven’t gone on many dates in my life. I’ve more just done the hanging out thing.

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A proper date is fun,

So is just hanging out and getting to know each other in a more casual setting.

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I lost count of all the dates I went on the past year. The very last one I went on was a few weeks ago. I’ve been casually seeing this guy for about eight months now. It won’t last, he’s atypical and I doubt he will understand if I ever chose to tell him about my psychosis. I’ve been keeping him at a distance, and will probably be breaking it off soon.

I’ve had the best dates I’ve ever been on with him though, and we fit well together besides. It’s kind of awful, because it feels like I’m seeing what my life could have been like without psychosis.

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About a year and a half ago. A date I’m assuming means going out on the town in some fashion. That’s what I’m basing my response on.

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