How long does the Abilify Maintena 400mg injection last in your body?

im not trying to fight anyone

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anyway nobody yet answered my question: how long does it stay in your system?

Yeah but it stays longer than the half life I’ve heard but idk how long

As far as I know they publish half lives. You would assume you could double that figure, but don’t quote me on that, I am not a doctor.

Perhaps you should get on the phone tomorrow to your treatment team if you have concerns, as it’s pretty limited on a forum to give you information about your diagnosis or meds you’re on


Ok thank you :slight_smile:

Switch to 300mg depot if you want it supposedly has the least side effects I am on 10mg abilify myself

You need to accept the fact that you will never be the same person as before psychosis regardless of meds. Yes psychosis reduced my intelligence by 70% but I am still happy and not suicidal with meds. Things happen in life, you’ll get worse if you keep thinking about the past.

I wanted to be a Dr and had the grades but severe sz happened and I was never able to get good grades again with or without meds. See it as permanent brain damage.

can’t change, they now changed it every 3 weeks

thats quite ignorant to say. Also stigma based

I’m sorry about that but could you please refrain from commenting to old threads

18 days is not considered an old thread. After 30 then 60 then 90 is an old thread. Its not even closed

Be cool peeps. No need for conflict. It’s not that old but people often move on quickly here.

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Ok then I was mistaken sorry

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its ok. Take care

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how has the abilify helped you personally?

No more delusions or hallucination, just got to manage the side effects a bit better

How long did it take to find relief? I gave it 2 months

It can take 3-10 weeks or even more

Thats what i was thinking. I was also late on a shot by 9 days so i wasnt at a stable consistency