How long does mania last?

I can’t find any definitive answers on how long mania last, could you guys give me somebody rough numbers?

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Can can you go manic from schizophrenia alone?

It’s hard to say because we are all different in how things affect us and how efficient medications are. Some people can cycle quickly, some it takes a while. I don’t think there’s any decent answer there…

What does your doctor say? It’s important, especially early, to make sure your doctor knows your symptoms and to take the medications as prescribed.

I haven’t seen a doctor in almost a whole year, but they thought I was bi-polar but I told them I only said I had mood changes because I thought they knew something about me that I didn’t, and that was true. But I remember a few points in time where I’d get a feeling of grandeur and extreme confidence from it, is that normal?

Sounds perfectly reasonable and they usually have a good idea of what’s up.

It’s all about function. Some people do well with extra energy and can focus and survive. If it’s affecting how you live your life, forces you to make dumb decisions, or prevents you from working or generally living you have a problem.

But is it possible for mania to last a year or more?

I wouldn’t know. I think that if you have bipolar with sz they classify you as schizoaffective. I don’t know how long manias usually last, but I read that Handel wrote “The Messiah” during a three week manic high.


Never read it, but I’d assume it’s a good book

If you’ve been manic for going in as year it’s definitely time to see a doctor.

I think I read that in either “Time” or “Newsweek”. I filed it in my mind as an interesting tidbit.

Mania can last for years and years.

If you go manic, you are not schizophrenic alone. You are either bipolar or schizoaffective.

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