How long does it take to have your user account anonymized?

I asked a Moderator…I asked SzAdmin, and nothing is happening.

Could I puh-leeze have my account anon’d? I’m done with this website.

Getting accused of using my ‘white privilege’ to bash gay people was the last straw. It doesn’t even make sense.

I told my 17 year old daughter about the corny joke I wrote. She thought it was funny and told me to consider leaving the forum. I have considered it, and I’m officially done.

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You have to put in a two weeks notice. Then follow-up two weeks later re-confirming your desire.

This is so ridiculous I’m laughing. There are some real odd birds here, don’t let the eccentricity get to you, just flip it on them. More satisfying to you, and more aggravating to them, I assure you.

The Moderator accused me of using my white privilege to bash gay people!

I’m not making this up!

Love that d00d, but sometimes I wonder if he uses a calendar instead of a clock. Replies are … sloooooooow.



Oh I’m sure they/he/she/it did. As long as it makes sense in their mind I guess? I for one enjoy your presence here. I’ve dealt with the nonsense for a longer time, and have gotten just as frustrated as you. Sometimes you just have to step back and think, gee, I’m glad I’m not contributing to the decay and decadence. Sometimes I need to step away for a bit, and sometimes I lash out. Both are productive for me (and often others) in different ways. And sometimes not. Don’t let the idiocy win, because if you do, they’ve won, and it just continues on for the next poor sucker to endure.

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Just recently,

I posted a pic of a woman in a bikini- accused of being sexist

I said a thread was ‘fabulous’- accused a gay bashing

It really is getting ridiculous.

I’m taking my daughter’s advice and getting the hell out of here. But why does it take 2 weeks to get anon’d and leave this forum?

Because a lot of people will change their minds. If you really wanna get off of here, go EXTREME in your posts. Like, beyond the pale. I can think of about 5 things off the top of my head that would get me banned until the year 3047. I’m sure you can come up with a few. :wink:

I like most of the participants here, so I’m not going to Moonwalk out of here with both guns blazing.

But I do want my account anonymized before I split.

I can silence your account for 2 weeks. Then you won’t be tempted to post. And if you suddenly change your mind, can pm a mod to say so.


Just aim carefully then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure they’ll anon you if you hound them enough. I guess it’s like anything else - the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Only way to get instant anon is from @SzAdmin .

Otherwise, wait it out like everyone else.

I was ‘silenced’ last night for some ridiculous reason…which is why, in part I am leaving this website.

I want my user name anonymized before I leave this place for good.

And it will be. In 2 weeks. Just wait your turn.


I’ll be patient then.

Thanks @anon4362788

It’s like dealing with the government - square peg, square hole; round peg, round hole. Don’t go out of bounds. The system isn’t designed for it.

No problem. Hate to see you leave, but whatever you choose is your prerogative.

Six years of putting up with reverse-bullying is enough for me.

Sorry you feel that way. Well, again, if you like I can silence your account for 2 weeks and then you can make your confirmation on the day it ends. Or PM Me and I’ll personally anon you.

Btw if you suddenly are anon’d it means the Big Guy stepped in.


I simply don’t care anymore.

A lot of people on this site are suffering, so I always tried to provide a chuckle or two here and there. Even my Caption Contests got attacked. So I’m attacked at every turn for peanuts, so I’m taking my little girl’s advice and leaving.

(This is my last post)