How long does it take for an antidepressant to do its effect?

Hi, if you didn´t take an antidepressant for months, since the first time you take it, how long does it take to do its effects?

Roughly 2 weeks.

You might feel like shiit during the initial 2 weeks, but after that it begins to kick in.


They say it takes 4 weeks but I’ve noticed a difference within a couple of days sometimes even. What antidepressant are we talking about?


I don’t know yet. Maybe fluoxetine in a higher dosis that what i used to take, maybe another AD.

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I noticed a change within a few days; started feeling even better after a week or two. YMMV though. Good luck!

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First effects set in like 2 weeks, noticeable after s month and full effects after months

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I felt a difference quite quickly. Perhaps after a few weeks I was getting much better. It’s worth taking.

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Please talk to your doctor before restarting a med on your own. You may need to titrate back up.

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