How long do your severe swings last?

I find mine are fairly short nowadays but sometimes longer. For example, I will enter mania for a day, probably do something stupid because I think I am god or something. In this state, any pain I would feel is really dulled down, and I try anything that comes to mind.

Another example would be three hours of severe depression that shoots out of either nowhere or from small trigger. These get really bad and often end in close suicide attempts or some awful act of delusion (submerging ones hand in drain cleaner etc…don’t ever do that!)

. I tend to forget everyone else I’ve ever met and get terrified of living. I don’t want to die then just feel that I must. I love my life but can’t control that without meds.
However, afterwards, I am completely fine, seem to completely forget about any of my actions and go about life normally as if it never happened.

Anyone else have similar experiences? How long do your swings last?

Take care as always :slight_smile:


mines are up and down constantly and I find it hard to keep up. It’s so tiring. The only med I’m on is 5mg Abilify. And I’ve always felt I needed a moods stabiliser but never been offered it.

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Thursday I was having a melt down the next day I was 100% fine. It felt very much like depression but it didn’t last long enough to be classified as such

I have cyclothymia.


When I’m not on meds I’m more or less constantly psychotic and constantly in mood swings. They are not the most severe types, I don’t get fully manic unless from ADs and my psychoses usually involve me being something like an oracle or a prophet. But they are pretty constant with very few periods of normalcy.

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I don’t have mood swings unless I get off my med’s. When that happens I experience intense anger. That usually lasts a day or two, and happens again and again until I get back on my med’s. It burns me out.

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I know what you mean. I hate how unpredictable it is.

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I get intense anger. But I can have intense anger even when I’m on my meds. Which someone useless would look at and always ask if I’m on my meds. Like she is a doctor who can diagnose me. Anyways thats not the point my swings are usually swift lasting for a few minutes to a few hours of extreme emotion. And it’s always a single emotion. But lately I’ve figure out how to handle these out bursts. And I haven’t had any in days. Now I just want revenge, but all I can think of is someone saying something to try and trigger me and me replying with “who cares?”

Sorry I got off track. My mood swings can last from a few minutes to a few hours.


My moods have been all over the place for a while now.

Up and Down and Mixed - it’s tiring.

I see my pdoc this week.

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I classify my ‘severe’ issues as lasting longer than a week. These are the episodes that lead my Shrink to think I have Dissociative IDENTITY Disorder. I thought it was ‘personality’ but I got it wrong. Aparently I have a separate personality that comes out during my really bad episodes…which is why I cant remember what happens or what I do during them…

For me, a severe episode lasts anywhere from a week to a month these days, usually I just wake up one day completely free of symptoms for a while, then everything comes crashing down and it takes me a while to get back on my feet…

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I’m chronically depressed, so I don’t consider standard depression to be severe. (If I did, idk, 20 years? :octopus:) But I have extreme episodes of depression that involve suicidal thoughts, uncontrollable crying, rants about my worthlessness, etc - these last around 8 hours to a day, until I pass out. Generally I’m somewhat nonresponsive to catatonic for two or three days afterwards.

The panic / paranoia attacks and the sneaky brained thinking don’t last nearly as long as they used to… just a day or two

the disconnected flat numbness will last for a while… I’ve been hitting this wall for the better part of this past month.

if I end up in a manic swing that could last a week or more as well.

It seems like the negative hits last longer then the positive.