How long do you stand a healthy diet?


I notice I can follow a regimen about a week then I lose it :frowning:


it takes discipline for sure. I was vegan for 4 years and stuck to my diet. but I think it was lacking in some nutrients.

now I just have some fruit in my morning smoothie and one big salad a day. the smoothie tastes good and so does the salad when you add dressing so its easy to stick to.

I eat meat now…fish


Not even the first day and I’m already back to my unhealthy stuff. Even if I have to go another time to the grocery store I fail the first day.


I took off 2 pounds last week. Then I put it on again this week.


I am sorry to hear that :frowning:


I had lost 10lbs for a month and gained it all back. Didn’t weight myself but my jeans are tight and my knees hurt again :frowning:


My psychiatrist and my family doctor want me to do the keto diet, but it seems so hard. My family doctor recommended intermittent fasting if keto is too hard.


hmm…i guess its hard for a lot of us to lose weight and keep it off. I sorta had the problem before I was diagnosed but I was a lot more disciplined and in shape. The most I think I lost at 1 time was like 15lb. was close to my regular weight, now a lot of ups and down.


70 percent healthy food
20 percent less healthy food


I’ve lasted a whole year on a strict vegan diet. I only stopped because my being vegan really bothered my husbands closest friends. They gave me a really hard time about it even though I don’t believe everyone should be vegan. I started eating meat to appease them.

My current diet has meat in it. I’ve been on it 10 weeks and plan to continue it because I’m losing weight so well on it. But I do hate eating meat. It’s so gross to me. But again, no one should have to be vegan - it’s a personal choice.


8 hours max 9 if I’m lucky


Do even try because I know it won’t last. So I try to eat some healthy food along with garbage food.