How long do the effects of Sarcosine take to reverse.

Hi, I had been taking 2g of Sarcosine for about a week at first I started noticing sharper cognition, then I was less apathetic and more motivated so I was finally able to regularly cook and clean and such, but about a little over a week into it my anxiety and agitation started to rachet up to severe levels. As I have PTSD bad enough to be on 90mg of Nardil (which I’m currently at the 7 week point at and had remitted on before), and BPD, this resulted in a few days, at its worst, of screaming and crying off and on and self-harm and intense anger. I took my last 1g dose of Sarcosine yesterday morning. How long will it take for it to completely stop messing me up?

I am on:

Zyprexa 15mg
Nardil 90mg
Tegretol 200mg bid
Clonidine 0.1mg bid
Thorne Research Stress B Complex 1 a day
1MD Krill oil 2 capsules 1x a day
Vitamin D3 5000 IU bid

I’ve never taken it but others here say the effects wear off pretty quickly once you stop taking it. Everybody’s different but it should only take a few days based on what others have said. I’m no expert though…

im not sure if sarcosine could be the cause of that. but maybe.
ive taken 10 grams of that stuff at once and it didnt do much.
sounds like mood swings though

Sarcosine is know to exacerbate anxiety and agitation and mine is already severe enough to call for Nardil. For the first week or so on the Sarcosine I was steadily improving on the Nardil still and feeling better every day, but after about a week or so my anxiety and agitation became terrible. I don’t normally get worse like that on Nardil I just keep steadily improving and the only thing that had changed in my regimen was the Sarcosine. When I dropped it my anxiety started going back down but slowly so that’s why I was asking how long it would take. I already know because of everything I jist mentioned that it was the Sarcosine.

ah your taking an maoi, yeah you should be careful what you take with that. or if on antidepressant in general plus sarcosine you could definitely become agitated or anxious.

I was wondering about the interactions with my MAOI when I first was about to try Sarcosine but I couldn’t find any information online, unfortunately. I have seen that study where they had to halve a person’s Effexor cuz they got manic when they were taking Sarcosine, though. Oh well, gonna have to angle for memantine somehow then. I used to be on Clozapine and even 50mg bid nuked my symptoms in all categories (and it can be dramatically effective for BPD, too) but my clinic wouldn’t let me stay on it. They think I’m not bad enough to justify it and that it’s too dangerous and a drug of last resort… despite the fact that you are supposed to try it after two antipsychotics fail and I failed 5 by the age of 20. Delusions, hallucinations, hyperreligiousity, avolition, apathy, anhedonia, cognitive efferry, etc. I guess they don’t see how bad I am because of my awareness of my illness and my intellect. Which is dumb.

I’ve tried Vraylar as well but once I hit 3mg on it I felt like I was on something. Everything became hypersharp, hypervibrant, super clear. It was stimulating as hell too.