How long do psychiatrists keep you

At some point does the psychiatrist cut off contact?

I’ve been with the same psychiatrist for twelve years now.

For life ! Becuase I’m loony! Ha ha!

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Well they have a court order! They wrote down in their notes I was threatening to blow up the bay bridge in sf! But what I was saying when I was yelling was they used cheap foreign steel and that they should blow it up and build a new one! It was a misunderstanding

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I was with my first psychiatrist for 20 years, then he retired, hence I got a new one.

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Mine never saw me. I tried making appointments. I’d eventually get into a phone call with him. He’d hang up on me after 2 mins. Refill my meds. Then The second I got into any trouble with my behavior he fired me. Refuses to see me. Due to the fact he knows nothing about me, never talked to me, but tries to dictate my life anyways.

Good psychiatrists will keep u through thick and thin. Mine was a horrible one tho.

But somehow got amazing reviews. I think he lets it get to his head a bit. The reviews.

I am on my 3rd psychiatrist in 11 years.

I’m with my current psychiatrist 2.5 years. With the one before I stayed 7 years.

6 psychiatrists is 7 years, usually around 6months to 1 year they just disappear, no call no warning.

i been with same pdoc for over 10 years now

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