How long did it take you to have your first relapse?

I was diagnosed with sza in july 2015 at age 19.5 and i still have yet to experience a relapse. I was taking an herbal antidepressant called st. Johns wort when i first became psychotic. I think my descent into psychosis might have been caused by this factor. For some background, st johns wort is said to cause psychosis or mania in those diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar affective disorder. My question is, does taking st. Johns wort count as a drug induced psychosis or was it just plain schizophrenia? Also, how long after your first psychosis did it take you before you had your first relapse? I’m relatively new to sz and all it entails so i need your help in knowing what to expect in my future.

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About a month after I stopped the meds

My first psychotic episode was I think also triggered by antidepressants , but also with some drug taking after I was already psychotic making it much worse so they put psychosis NOS for me so far, not sz. But I’ve had some level of psychotic symptoms (without drug taking except one OD) since then at all times and that was about 2 and a half years ago and now they even want me to take clozapine.

I think if st johns wort caused your psychosis chances of relapse are probably lower, but still best to keep taking the meds for as long as you can. I think I remember reading somewhere 1/3 of sz have only one episode and then recover, 1/3 have recurrent episodes and 1/3 have chronic symptoms.

I’ll skip your first question. I got diagnosed at age 19 too. I was psychotic for the next two years including while in a locked psychiatric hospital. That was from ages 19-21. After I got out of the hospital I slowly started getting “better” and more “stable”. I still had bad symptoms but they were nowhere near as bad as those first two years. After a couple of years out of the hospital, I got a job and a little later I went back to school. I got a car, I had a friend or two. I was doing a bunch of stuff. I figured that I would never be hospitalized again. Well, when I was 26 I got addicted to crack and smoked it heavily. At age 28 I had a relapse and I had to be hospitalized several times. In 1990 at age 29 I got clean and I got another job, I went back to school again, I made a friend to hang out with. I was active socially. I was living independently. That takes me up to this year. In June I rented a room in this couples house. About two months they asked me to leave because we

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Sorry, about the abrupt ending. This is a continuation. Two months ago I lost my housing, I had to leave work, and my mom died. All this happening at once caused considerable stress and I cracked under the pressure and I had to be hospitalized for two days. Now I’m living in a group home but I am looking forward to getting back to work and picking up where I left off before I got hospitalized this time.

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YOU WERE PSYCHOTIC FOR TWO YEARS? Those must have been torture, but the fact that you lived to tell the tale is a real testament to youre resilience. Congratulations on being like a cockroach.

That probably doesn’t come across as congratulatory as you’d like.


3 years. I was on meds for a year, came off them, 2 years later ended up in hospital with a relapse.

For me it was 7 years between first and second hospitalisation
Says nothing about the course of the illness, 6 years after that it got a lot worse for me
At johns wort is not drug induced
Schiz is not caused by St. John’s wort

For me it was about 10 years, 1st time 18-19 and relapse @ 30. I went undx because I never told anyone, hid it very well only complaining of depression when that arose and muddled through on my own until age 30. Then I had 4 hospitalizations in 1 year because I still tried to hide it. Went off meds once during that time and relapsed 5-6months later with another stay in hospital.

Took me a solid year on my current meds. It was situational- stressors burned my brain and make it gooey. I have been really reliable since then- sure, some bad days here and there- but today I feel well as I could ask for given what I have.

My relapse was about a month and a half long. I was making rookie mistakes like drinking too much caffeine and quitting smoking at the wrong time. I was trying to get into a research lab and my life was sort of on the line because of that. I got into one and today I am working on my thesis- so it’s all okay.

Other factors were a breakup and a friend going to jail.

I was also delusional and paranoid for two years before I got help. I heared voices too but did not understand they were voices. I thought I was thought exchanging through radio waves.

I worked during this period. Didn’t do any good work. I thought people were afraid of me because they could hear my thoughts. I was home 50% the last year with no good excuse. Then I ended up in hospital for 6 months.