How long did it take you to break up with a person?

No, I don’t mean me. My girlfriend and I are just fine.

the Ex-boyfriend of my kid sis… the one she met in my Sz group… the kid who almost drowned twice and my sis had to pull him out… the kid who treated my sis like dirt… the kid who got out of hospital… he’s back.

Only now instead of being the strong military type and the cropped dyed blond hair…

So he’s going to study wicca and become a spiritual healer. Now he looks like Trent Reznor. Now he’s decided to make amends to my sis and treat her better.

he’s come to think that he can heal people with psychic power. I’m talking about laying on of hands. He told me he can mend bones by laying on of hands… I know this poor kid is suffering… and I can understand… but that doesn’t mean I want him dating my sis.

Why won’t this kid go away? How many times does she have to break up with him? When will it stick? Just wondering.

I would like some cheese with my whine. And a strong VENTi


I was always able to break cleanly, with one exception. I just had to be firm with her, though, and she eventually left me alone. I may have broken her heart, but she couldn’t have been TOO upset because she started seeing her best friend less than a week later. They’re married now, and have a kid together. She tried to make me the child’s godmother, but I wanted nothing to do with that.

Your sister just has to be very clear and unwavering. If he continues to bother her, she needs to file for a restraining order. It may seem heartless, but if he won’t leave her alone, it’s the only way to make sure he stays away.

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I’m sorry he is back. Kid sis is probably the most understanding person in his life so he is attracted to that. Hopefully she will find a balance between being his friend and not getting caught up in an unhealthy relationship. Just because he is hanging around it doesn’t mean she is ‘dating’ him.


some people just break loose on their own it never fails the communication that it takes to keep we were together sometimes justnot there

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Thank you for that… I keep telling myself that. My sis told me that too.

Wow this kid makes me cringe. I feel a bit like I’m being too mean because just listening to him talk reminds me of the time I was that age, and not doing well. I don’t want any part of that.

I listen to him go on and on about how he can now heal bones and ebola with psychic powers and the awakening he had in hospital and I can’t help thinking… “I can’t believe they let you out so soon”


I’ve read some posts by your kid sister on this forum and I am very much sure that she is very sensible for her age. Don’t worry J, she can handle it very well.

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buy him a flight to west africa…he gets away from your sis, and heals ebola !?!
i love sz people they think they have super powers…wait a minute…i am sz.
" bugger !?! "
take care

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My first breakup was pretty cruel. But I quit hanging around him after he told me he got a girlfriend, that man-whore…anyway, just tell him to ■■■■ off and stay away from your sister :slight_smile: That’s what I’d do :3 And Xavier says to tell ya that he’s been there, done that. And @kidsister, you got a loving and protective bro. That’s mroe than most people got. Stay close, guys.

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I’m sorry he’s back in the picture. He sounds really deluded maybe too in the way he thinks he has a chance with your sister. Because of my borderline diagnosis I cut people off that I have dated and made it clear I wanted nothing to do with them. Other times when people have dumped me I sever any connection in my mind and real life. So I haven’t had the same experience where someone won’t give up. Your sister has a strong head on her shoulders so I think you just have to trust that she’ll stand firm and he will eventually get the picture. :sunny:

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