How long did it take you start working again?

Heya, i just wanted to ask how long did I take you to start a job again after starting to use APs or being released from a hospital? I’ve got released from a hospital 2 months ago and tried couple jobs that I can’t deal with them on invega (xeplion) 75mg.


I started Zyprexa in mid-March of this year, and I have been looking for a full-time job for the past eight weeks.

I lost a job when I was on Geodon and it wasn’t working well enough at high doses, then I took Abilify when I was between jobs, but it didn’t do the trick either. I went on disability in January 2015 when I was on a high dose of Haldol. It wasn’t until the Zyprexa being so beneficial that I was able to leave the house on my own, drive, and look for a job again. I am volunteering two days a week until I get a full-time position.

I never had a full-time job. I had 2 part time jobs

Graduated high school full-time. Senior year missed over a month but not due to hospital, because of no motivation that Risperidone gave me and my classes got impossible. Luckily teachers liked me and had me previous yrs.

Went to college for 8 years part time, and full time on and off and earned a BS


ive been on the 234mg since like 2013 i think. and still havent been able to return to work however i do enjoy doing volunteer work when i can. and i stay busy most days by exercising a few times a day in 30min to 1 hour sessions. i also have recently started reading books and trying to get into entertainment such as video games or movies to keep mood happy.
i would like to point out that no two people are at the exact same spectrum level of severity. so really your question is irrelevant in the aspect that if you become healthy enough to return to work then you will be able to. however someone else may not be able to become stable enough to return since each person has there own threshold. but its good to communicate too to get feedback and insight.

I will describe the time from almost 27 yrs ago when I first got the disease rather than right now.
I was mainly a student before then although I often did yard work especially for my step-father. I did two security guard jobs while still almost fully psychotic which lasted a month each in July and August, 1993 and started as a volunteer at the Library in May, 1995 after I was stabilized on Risperdal. I didn’t work for pay until almost 10 years later and didn’t stay that way long. I did a 3 year stint as a VISTA volunteer for pay after that and then dropped out completely as life got more complicated and my efforts to find the perfect drug bit me on the @##. If you plan to go back to work try to keep the weight down and if a med calms the voices down enough to function accept that may be as good as it gets.

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I got sick in 2008 and quasi worked albeit not very successfully until about 2014. I was in and out of hospitals and day treatment programs and went through 7 jobs during that time. No good references from any of them but I was mostly employed.

I got stable in 2015 and went back to school and got my aircraft mechanics licenses and tried working in that field in 2017 but was late a lot and I didn’t really like what I was doing.

I worked a few months in 2018 but still had a lot of issues.

I went back to work March 17th of this year and I am doing okay so far. Full time and haven’t been late once.

So it wasn’t for a lack of trying but the short answer is it took about 11 years.

If I still have a job next April I was successful as I am on probation. So the jury is still out on whether or not I have made it.

Good luck. It doesn’t hurt to try. If you don’t try you won’t know.

Parts of me are still broke but I’m getting better.

But in Re: working. I spent 8 months in a hospital in 1981 at age 20. I got released to a group home and 9 months later I got a job. I stayed there 4 years through thick and thin, through psychosis and paranoia, through med induced fatigue and crack addiction.

Through whatever they told me to do. I had never driven anything bigger than a car before but when they got a dump truck from somewhere and had me help load it and then they told me to drive it to the dump I got in by myself and dutifully drove it there.

When they needed 10 huge bags of towels washed and dried, I loaded up the bosses car or my car and went to the packed laundromat on a Saturday morning and put 11 or 12 loads in the washers at once and then used 10 dryers at once while people complained about me.

When the bosses had 10 bags of salt delivered in back that weighed a hundred pounds apiece for the isolation tank, I carried them from all the way in back of the building to the front and up a flight of stairs to the second floor one at a time on my shoulders.

It was a paradox of a job.
In some ways if I told someone what the job entailed it could be called boring. But even though it was basically a cleaning and labor job, a lot of interesting stuff happened there over the course of four years.

Still jobless 6 months later. I was in university for about 2 years and failing hard before that. I’ve had schizophrenia for about 2.5-3 years now.

Though i do have a job lined up at the hospital as a janitor. I’m excited to go back to making money. The reason i stayed in university for so long was because i was earning a scholarship from my non schizo selfs 90+ grades and it was for 6 years worth of scholarship.

Honestly i’m happy to go back to being a janitor, school was boring and the most time consuming thing ever. I’d rather just work for 8 hours and then do whatever in my free time. Soon i will have that dream job.

I’m only a year away from getting a degree, idk if i’ll go back though. I keep failing those classes i need to take.

I started working with a month or two of taking Zyprexa. I asked my doctor about work and schizophrenics and she told me she has patients that work more hours and more jobs than most normal people! I took what she said and ran with it! Been working ever since, just got determined I’d be one of those people she mentioned. If I listened to every doubt I had in my mind, I wouldn’t have even tried. Ignore your doubt and just DO.

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