How long did it take for your thought broadcasting symptoms to disappear?

Hi. I have been having these thought broadcasting delusions for a long time now. My office keeps responding to my intrusive thoughts, and I have trouble trying to silence my brain from thinking any embarrassing thoughts.

I have been on 20mg of Olanzapine for the past 5 weeks now. It helped with my anxiety, but the thought broadcasting doesn’t seem to go away.

How long did it take for thought broadcasting symptoms for you guys/ladies to disappear?

Thank you

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It’s likely caused by adrenochrome build up for which you could try natural niacin and vitamin c or some meds like abilify

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Treatment for Thought Broadcasting

Antipsychotic medication is the first line treatment for Thought Broadcasting. Medications such as Abilify, Zyprexa, Risperdal, and Clozaril can reduce or eliminate Thought Broadcasting.

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It took a couple of months before the idea of thought broadcasting went away. And it really is just an “idea” - if you try to apply simple logic in your life, you will conclude its ridiculous. It was that, that stopped me going on public transport for months.

Just take your pills as prescribed - and try to logically think thru these ideas.
Yes i know - when you experiencing this, it makes you scared and anxious,
but just try to remain calm when your having it - the anxiety will feed the delusion in your brain.

We’ve all had it mate - it does finally go away in the end :slight_smile:

I had it for years. I started getting better when I admitted to myself that you cant communicate with people in your head. Then the voices just went away. You only believe you can because some of the things you believe in make you ill. Trust me, things get a lot better if you get the chance to admit that the things you hear in your head are not real.

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It took me like a year for the delusions to go away with medication, but I still have thought broadcasting thoughts. It’s a struggle definitely, but one you can beat with the right medication and therapy.

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