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How long before I recover my mental speed


Hello to all of you. as I have said before, I’m on risperdal. Right now my dose is very low so I feel much better, but I still have some concerns.

My problem is that I am a writer, and this is something very important to me. As important as life itself, so I don’t take it lightly… the thing is that risperdal has made me lose my creativity and my mental speed. I am now capable of writing, and I’ve written some short stories, but I don’t have the storytelling strength and prowess I had a year ago (in which I finished two novels and lots of short stories).

I will stop my medication. Since I have is delusional disorder, and I am getting practically to my previous level, this is neither risky nor dangerous, but just a matter of time.

What I am concerned with is that I don’t know if I’ll ever be as good as I used to be. I was, and people told me, a very good writer. Very creative, very skilled in prose and character and plot. I knew my craft, and life would be meaningless to me if I couldn’t write again as I used to.

Will I recover my previous speed when I stop risperdal? Will my brain go back to the fast pace it had when I wrote? Or I’ll have to deal with this slow mind?

This is a matter of work, creativity, lifestyle and legacy… the most important thing to me.


Don’t stop your meds. You’re on them for a reason. Your sanity has got to be your number one priority.


I will not stop my meds on my own. I have said it before. This is all in order, and it’s still matter of months. Probably four, five, six, maybe more. I’m not concerned with stopping my meds, because I know it will happen, and I’ll go back to them if it goes wrong, so there’s no problem.

My concern is my mental speed. To me this is like harakiri for japanese people. I don’t like to talk about my philosophy of life, but my writing career is that important to me. I don’t want to mess anything, just want to know that.


and I’ll go back to them if it goes wrong, so there’s no problem.

They take a while to build up in your system. They don’t work straight away.


It’s been my experience that things go back to normal for a few days then they get crazy,you start you meds because you realize your life is falling apart. Your dosages go higher in desperation of avoiding a complete collapse. Your doctor will change your meds to a newer and more expensive medication and deny your request for the same or less expensive meds. You end up in complete phscosis even though you’re back on your meds for a month. You get hospitalized and end up with a large medical bill. Takes several months to get back to work. I’ve done this twice ,both times taking 9-12 months to taper off, with the doctors help. Don’t advise it. Usually stress is the first sign of the relapse but it’s always been to late for me by then.


When I became psychotic my brain got some problems and they grew worse with my second psychotic episode. Getting off meds might be worse for your brain in the long run. Since going back on meds my brain has been slowly recovering and I can even read many books now. I would say meds only help your brain so take it slow and do what you can with what you’ve got.


Yes I agree your definitely better building on what you have. Phycosic is starting.all over again.


Risperdal slows down the brain, on 3mg my brain was like maple syrup. Many people complain about this on risperdal. Try a different ap, try many and when your thoughts become more fluid stop.


I don’t know your condition so I can’t give any advice on being on or off meds but yes antipsychotics (Risperdal) kill creativity (and yes, your creativity will return once you stop taking meds). If meds really are needed I recommend a stimulating med like Latuda or Vraylar (haven’t tried Vraylar but anecdotally it’s also stimulating). I’ve tried Risperdal, Zyprexa, Abilify and Latuda. On Latuda I have the most creativity. (My personal experience).


Well, if a doctor prescribed an AP to you, then he must have had very good reason to. Going off meds is a risk of course. You can’t predict for sure if you will be OK or if you will elapse.

There’s many, many, people ,on this site who went off of their medication because they didn’t like the side-effects or other reasons. I’ve heard a million stories of people who go off of their meds and they are fine for a month or six months or a year. A lot of them crash and relapse and it sets them back in their recovery and it could even take a year to recover their position before they went off meds.

There’s also the camp who get put on meds and after awhile they start feeling good and stable and they feel so good that they figure they don’t need meds anymore and stop taking them.They do not realize that the only reason they feel good is because of the medication. So they go off of their meds and many, many, of them relapse.

Its ultimately up to you what you want to do. It’s a gamble. Be careful. Good luck with whatever you do.

They don’t have s cure for schizophrenia , doctors can only treat it and medications are the front line treatment for schizophrenia until they find something different that works better.


My brain and focus abilities returned to normal as fast as 1-2 weeks after stopping. Of course also around that time period I had a large spike in my psychotic symptoms as my brain readjusted to being off an AP…overall I recommend discussing things with your doc before making any big decisions.


Thank you all for the replies. I really appreciate all your concern for my health, it means a lot.

Now, I’m not going to get of meds on my own, I should have said it. We’ve talked about it and we believe that my psichosis was very weak, despite hearing voices, the truth is that my episode was not the hardest of things and it wasn’t me but my doctor who told me. He thinks that perhaps I can go off meds, but not now. We’ve to keep going and decreasing the dosage slowly until we get to a minimal level, then we will see together how things go.

And I honestly believe that I can take the risk (and I say this knowing what psychosis can be, not in ignorance) because it matters to me. Though if we do this the right the risks are not that big.


Hi Darth,

this is an interesting question you ask. I am also on Risperdal and I also think that my speed is limited although I do not know if my brain is damaged because of psychosis or if it is because of Risperdal. My creativity is also limited but the level is Ok.
Since I am doing an IT consulting training which needs a lot of brain work, I am wondering if there is a better solution. I want to get back working and have a real life but I fear to lose the little things I have now in case my psychosis starts to develope again.
Can you tell me the dose of Risperdal you get? For me it got better when I reduced it. I take 1mg now.


Right now I’m taking 0.75mg in the morning and 0.75mg in the evening. I don’t have neither positive nor negative nor cognitive symptoms. The only problem I have is that I gained more than 25lbs or so of weight (I’m not gaining weight anymore, but I can’t lose since I still get hunger strikes) and I can’t have the creativity for writing I had before. I used to think brutally fast, and write at a speed that most people couldn’t believe. I’m sad because I loved writing more than anything else and was the thing that gave me more life.

I think I’ll recover my speed.


Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the lack of speed and creativity a form of cognitive symptoms?

Howwever, I have still not managed to gain my old strength but I am doing good, neither positive nor negative symptoms.

I also had cancer parallel to the psychosis. I have just started to accept that I may not regain 100% of old . Maybe you should accept it too and just take more time for writing. You are still able to write but maybe just with the speed of normal people. It is ok to have some kind of disability.


One common effect of antipsychotics is slowing down the brain (speed of processing) it is either caused by the medications or schizophrenia itself. Some people feel more comfortable in their brains wihout racing thoughts. I have achieved no fluidity of thought since I developed sz. It has been two years now and no return to the old me. Some parts of our personality are lost to the illness or the medications. Risperdal is a major offender in slowing thoughts, I have read of someone who felt this to the extreme. I did myself. Some similar drugs less likely to interfere with cognition include ziprasidone and lurasidone.


We can all tell you our experiences but most of us have done what you want to do. If only there’s a chance to get away from these meds we want to try. I’ve done it twice and there’s a very small part of me that would try it again just to get away from these side effects. But I have a family that I can’t put through that again. So I’ll take my meds for life. So your ready to try this, but are you ready to put your family through this, do you have a career or a job that you could loose? Just something to think about.


Lack of speed is indeed a cognitive symptom, but in my case I know it’s because of the meds, because when I had my episode I was in fact faster than ever. So fast that the voices were actually helping my to create a story. When I started meds I began to slow down. I’m just a little scared with the speed, because without my wits I can’t be a proper writer.


I appreciate your experience and advise my friend. I’ll be extra careful and I’ll avoid anything that could bring my illness in the future. Right now I’m still on meds and before I even try to get off them there are still many months ahead. I could change my mind in that time, but I don’t know. I will emphasize that I’m not doing this alone. My doc believes as much as I that it can be tried. My case is very very mild, and he says that if something happens I just have to contact him and we’ll solve it again. I trust my doc.


I dabble in writing, and I’ve found that I can write well on Geodon and Seroquel. The med’s affect people differently, though. You might not find it easy to write on these med’s. I would caution against getting off your med’s. You might end up in the hospital being forced to take harsher med’s. Haldol killed my creativity completely. Tell your pdoc your predicament, and ask him if he can try you on different med’s, like Geodon, Fanapt, Abilify, and others. See if you can find a med that controls your symptoms and lets you write.