How likely is it that I become delusional?

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A memory recently came rushing back to me about how slowly I was to grow up…

‘Just saying’. Still you don’t need to have that wash over you too much; you should think a little bit on it though. It came to mind for some reason…

I could be A LOT happier today… if I had today’s wisdom, back then.

For you:

You should perhaps: ‘Know your limitations.‘

And; ‘Don’t trust yourself so much.‘

And on the forum - stop saying just enough - in order to disappoint those - who want to impart what they’ve learned (the hard way, the long way.).

We can help you be a happier person all things being equal, I believe in that. Let THAT wash over you. Successful if that’s a thing - But I doubt you think in those ways as of yet!

Lastly I see some similarities in how I operated when I was your age.

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What do ya mean? :confused:

Just saying if I am delusional I wouldn’t realise it

You’re not ready to try hard enough … I think.

People don’t want to leave a kid behind…

Take it with SOME grains of salt but me for one, was arrogant. And I didn’t see myself clearly.

I developed grandeur which bothers people in real life.

Balance is key to happiness! Think of planes in the air… it’s less turbulent to sit in the middle of the fuselage because it’s the nose, and tail that move more.

A colleague illustrated this to me with a Bic pen. The middle is a point or focal point that keeps itself in more of a stable spot!

This is abstract but it saved me.

Do you mean I’m stupid? It seems like it

I think if you stayed too long alone by yourself, you might be at higher risk being delusional. It’s healthy to socialize a bit with people around you🙂

I’m talking to the other people but some of them seem unfriendly

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No you’re intelligent but something I also learned slowly is that most people are smart.

Schooling makes you feel like ur promoted every year with the grade levels. The standardized tests that tell you your in the 99th percentile of elementary progress, the trophies that everyone get, etc etc.

It’s a pyramid though. By the time you get to working in the real world… you’re met with fierce competitors and it was the worst part of my life going over that waterfall …!

we dont do those standardized tests or trophies in my country

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wish i wasnt like this… autism needs a cure

You’re talking about ‘Having insight’ when you say If you were delusional you wouldn’t realize it.

I failed at that too and didn’t trust Schizophrenia. Com for assistance in 2012.

But haven’t you covered this with people already? I don’t read your posts every time; I tend to like getting in on threads early.

i mean even people who have insight can lack insight in some situations especially if they are floridly psychotic

I havent been floridly psychotic just mildly delusionsl

Are delusions a sign of autism?

Delusional thinking doesn’t happen in psychopathy?

I personally had the worst of it after my first episode. The trick is to not dwell on the delusions because then you get caught up in it.

If you are lucky you wont get any worse than you’ve already had delusion wise.

I see. thank you bro

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You wont become delusional of your strict about complying with your current medication regime. Yeah - side effects suck, but unfortunatley like most of us your gonna have to lump it and learn to cope.

I mean am I becoming delusional because of the paranoid thoughts

I think im fair in saying that paranoid thoughts is what most of us have quite often - even when taking the pills. Your medication is no silver bullet - its meant to go hand in hand with talking therapys and other support you maybe offered.

I dont know anyone that is 100% symptom free.

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