How it all has changed in 20 years

When I came back from America in 2002 I had no meds at all. Now 20 years later I have many meds: two psych meds, three blood pressure meds, two different types of eye meds for treating my glaucoma, cholesterol meds, RLS meds, two diabetes meds and occasionally some painkillers. This is just how my life has changed.

How has your life changed in the past 20 years?


I’m older and fatter with a drink problem, more vacations though and happier. I was 17 years old 20 years ago and hated life and living. Now I love life.


Sounds good @bobbilly

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Many things changed for me. In 2015 I got diagnosed with schizophrenia and put on meds. I had to go to the psych ward six or seven times. I finally got put on an injection of Invega Sustenna in 2019 and only had to go back to the psych ward one more time that year to increase the dose. Now I take Invega Trinza.

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I was healthy at seven years old for the most. Twnety years later. Aripiprazole depot injections and a beta blocker for akithisia

My voices went away.
My delusions went away.

I’m feeling better than I was twenty years ago.

I’m fatter though.

Also I quit smoking and quit binge drinking.

I live in Australia now.
Twenty years ago I lived in Sweden.

I’m a vegan now.

I nolonger have friends.

I have my license and a car now.

I have my two fur babies now.

I have tattoos now.


Are you Swedish @SacredNeigh7?

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Yes I was born in Sweden but I’m australian now.

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