How is your thought shifting

How good are you at shifting from thought to thought so you sometimes confuse things like me instead of congratulating my nephew saying good boy I said good girl because I always say it to my dogs lol or when shifting thoughts it feels like a messed up car transmission


That’s funny, but I imagine it’s easy to do. I think that probably happens to normies a lot too.

definitely. I do it sometimes

they look at ya funny. idk, as long as I don’t call Phil, Dave, my ex.

I really think I’ve had this symptoms since I took 3 mg risperidone and an extra 300 mg seroquel without my doctor is permission to sleep for a couple of weeks if anyone is reading do not do this ever since then It’s been tougher to get my symptoms in check and I’ve been in cognitive decline I wish I never did that but when you have insomnia you would do anything to sleep

When you’re less neuroinflamed, it happens less.

I’ve read hypometabolism is the cause of the neuroimflammation

I don’t have that!

Yeah it’s more prevalent in chronic schizophrenics and correlated with your mmse score


Strange To Admit, My Thought Paradigm Shifting Isn’t As Like What I’ve Witnessed In Thus Thread.

I Shift Quickly. Usually, For The Most Part…, It Remains ‘Under Control’. That Being Admitted, From Myself & Nothing Above, Or Below My Psychologically Breathing Metaphorical Wandering Wand. Not In Cycles Of Circus Clowns I Admit.

I’ve Never Spoken To Say, The Queen of England. Nor Lorde, From The Song And Video Where She Slightly Smiles And Admits To Enjoying Being Queen.

Sarcastically In Truth Form I Admit.

But It’s Still Fun To Listen And Watch.

Point Is, , ,

Psychological Thought Paradigm Thought Shifting Is And Can Be, Quite The Spiritually Delusional Psychically Odd Breeze Cafe. Sitting And Waiting, Or Walking And Running. . .,

The Mind Is Endless. Energy Like The Thought, Jus Shifts.

From Point (A), To Point (B). And Back To Point (A). . .,

To Create An Elusive Bond Of Individualistic Perfection.

Whatever That Means. . . . . . .