How is your relationship with exercise?

Mine is horrible. It’s nothing short of obsessive and I’m taking serious note of it lately, trying anything I can to tune it down.

  1. I can never take 2 consecutive rest days. 2. A hospital stay will not stop me from doing bodyweight exercises 3. I have diminishing returns, meaning little to no progress from it.

I’m realizing lately this has been my main issue for over 5 years now. It’s like a mix of schizophrenia and ocd snowballed into one.

Just curious everyone else’s relationship with exercise or if you have anything similar that you are obsessed with?


I’m currently obsessing about nothing. I do care about a lot of things.

I either walk or bike every day. It’s my way to keep a healthy weight. But it’s not about performance, it’s about being healthy.


I have a bad relationship with exercise I can’t even walk very far at all right now but even without being injured it’s not good

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I don’t feel in the mood to exercise tbh. I know I will eventually need to though as it is important aspect of my life.

My trouble is starting again after stopping for a bit. It’s hard work but routine helps me but I wouldn’t mind some obsessive motivation sometimes. I know it’s a problem when it is full on but rest days are good especially if your going hard at it. Is there anything you can do that is relaxing? I play computer games and it is one of the few things I can concentrate on for a time and relax…

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I can’t even walk far, either, like @Twialine . I weigh 260 lbs and my right leg is hurt in two places. I really really have no choice but to start walking every day. I spent four days at home after getting my two jabs in my arms, a fifth covid vaccine and a flu vaccine, which I believe hurt my mental health. It’s only speculation but I did terribly afterwards mentally. I know it affected me physically: never in my whole life have I found it impossible to get out of bed, like the first day after.

I do about 300-500 reps every morning. I’d like to get into the routine of 2000+ reps every other day but don’t do bigger workouts much.

I barely ever do it, and when I do some I feel like Ive conquered mount Everest when in reality its probably a very short work out for most fitness freaks.

I am debating whether to go to the gym or not today due to a sprained knee. Thinking of just using the bike when I get there but may delay it to tomorrow.

Non existent. Its a goal for me to start exercising though. I bought resistance bands. I just want to do like 50 reps every day. Get some strength back. Im so incredibly out if shape. I used to work out every day. I also landscaped for work. I was in very good shape. I could do physical labor for 10 hours a day. Now bringing a load of wood in has me out of breath.


What kind of reps are you talking about? 300 sounds like a lot

300 reps? That must be some really light weight. Yoj only need like 40 to 60

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It’s complicated.

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Total amount not at once. Mostly dumbbell curl bar wrist crunchers.

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Have you went to the doctor for this?

I struggle to get myself to exercise.

I’m currently doing pump twice a week (skipped this week) and half a hour spinning and five minutes of sit-ups the other days and I’m still overweight.

My body looks the same when I exercise than when I don’t exercise.

My body is fat despite all my exercise and eating little and healthy.

I have to starve myself and be malnutritioned to have normal weight.

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Terrible. I know i need to start, but I can’t make myself do it. The last few times I worked out, my depression crashed bad almost immediately after. I am addressing a possible Prozac increase with my pnurse this morning, so maybe that would help.

I only have one bathroom in my little townhouse, and it’s upstairs. Literally the only exercise I get is climbing the stairs to pee. Which makes me winded usually. Which is not good.

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Of what? Pushups? Thats insane. Lol.

I used to be into weight lifting in my 20s. Now ive shifted to fun sports like mtn biking and also walking at parks.

I try to be on the moderate side otherwise i dont enjoy it.


Before meds I used to exercise everyday now I don’t do anything