How is your physical health?

I’m back, friends!

I’m noticing that many of you guys are posting concerns about your own physical health or for others. I do believe that physical health is just as important as mental health. I have created a ‘check-in’ post where you can post about your physical health-related issues as well as concerns about it.

So, how are you guys doing?

  • I’m doing well all the time.
  • I’m doing mostly well.
  • I have bad and good days.
  • I have more bad days than good days.
  • I’m not doing well all the time.

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Feel free to share your thoughts about physical health and please let me how you are doing well in terms of your physical health.

For those wanting updates- I’m doing well. I’m struggling a little when I’m going down the stairs. My mother says I’m a humanoid penguin, whatever that means. But otherwise, no major health problems! :slight_smile:


I’m incredibly unfit. But surprisingly healthy other than that.


My heath is spotty. I have several autoimmune disorders and bad arthritis. It’s been better lately.

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Physically I’m ok, I’m sure I could use more exercise, but that’s common.

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It’s better than it should be given that I’m very obese, which isn’t saying much. Cholesterol - ok,blood pressure- ok, liver functioning -ok, kidney functioning -excellent, water retention in ankles and legs due to sedentary lifestyle, low folic acid level, lower back aches if I walk any distance(probably weight related).

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I’m overweight and unfit but my health is pretty good other than high blood glucose numbers and high lipid counts.
I’m hanging in there.

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İ have herniated disc and overweight. But not serious case. İf i give weight i will be ok i guess

I am in poor health. And a dr that doesn’t seem to care doesn’t make things any easier. But I keep on keeping on.
My mental health also slides down due to my poor health.

I’ll state what’s improved…

I walk without a brace, now. I have only a slight limp.

I’ve gained 8 pounds of like the 123 I lost rapidly.


I’m having a colonoscopy soon.

I’m scheduled for iron infusions.

I’m scheduled for my new diabetes med check, mammogram, and yearly physical.

I’m scheduled for follow up with my kidney doc.

I’m on 2 week follow up appts with my pdoc.

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Wow. That sounds like a lot of appts- sorry to hear that you are not feeling well but good to hear that you have a treatment plan now for your conditions. I saw my doctor last week.

My knees have been on fire lately…it’s really painful.


I cough til I vomit, every morning.

scacia, syncope, and smoke too much, and sit too long.

I have osteoporosis and arthritis and mostly stiff when I get up in the mornings and sit for to long. Have a bad weakness in my hip and leg

Got a bad back atm but other then that I’m quite alright. Should loose some more weight and start some jogging though.

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How did all your tests go?

Good to have them.

My health is pretty good but I could have cancer.
I have abnormal bleeding after menopause and heard that I have it.
I had a colposcopy ,biopsy, hystoscopy yesterday and get results in a couple of weeks.

I want to remove my uterus either which way.

I get a bit of a saw neck sometimes and feel tied up in invisible restraints kind of.

I have genital herpes and hpv but otherwise I’m in good health apart from those things.

Hope I don’t have cancer.

Even if I don’t I still want to remove my uterus as it may only cause me problems and drama now.
Thankful to have had it though.:slightly_smiling_face::purple_heart:

Trigger Warning

I’ve had a complete hysterectomy. You DO NOT want that pain. I was on a pain pump for 2 days and pills for weeks. I can and have experienced severe pain.

Why do you want surgery?

I had ovarian cancer and had my ovaries and tubes removed.

It was very painful and I now have a scar up my whole stomach.

I have hpv and am a high risk for getting cancer and I have abnormal bleeding and drama and my uterus will only cause me problems now.

I just had a colposcopy ,hystoscopy and biopsy yesterday a to see if I have cancer.

I get my results in two weeks approximately.

I know it’s a painful procedure but I am such a high risk for cancer there and I just don’t want those problems and have been supported by doctors to have my uterus removed.

Hopefully I have not got cancer but even if I don’t I still want to remove it to lessen my chances and to stop abnormal bleeding etc

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Mostly good. I suffer from daily migraines and generalized arthritis but that is all.

Pretty much okay except I have severe asthma

I’m a little over weight, my kidney function is questionable, I have very bad migraines, I have asthma and COPD, I have heart problems and a pacemaker, my cholesterol is borderline, my triglycerides are too high, and my vision is very bad without glasses.

Other than that, I’m great!

Significantly overweight
blood pressure- ok for my age
kidney functioning - good
liver functioning - ok
cholesterol - ok
low folic acid - am taking a 400 mcg tablet each day
lower backache when i walk more than a short distance - probably due to weight