How is your night eyesight

Mine is bad, I have glaucoma and bad eyesight and so I do not see people well in dark even if I might know these people, I often recognize people how they walk, body movement. People have their unique walk patterns. Some people might think I am rude when I might say hello to them in the dark, but I can not see them. My problem!


I have 20/10 vision. I can see at 20 feet what most people can only see at 10 feet. My optometrist said I’ll never need glasses.

I was just on my balcony and it is dark but there are street lights and one person walked on the street not very far from me, I did not see his face at all, but from his walking pattern I recognized that he was one person who went to the high school with me. Once a doctor took my driver’s license away, but I still have it, but I have no car so I do not need to worry about driving.

'You can tell a lot about people from the way they walk, according to Georgia Tech research engineer Bill Marshall. He and his colleagues are developing a radar system that can recognize and analyze a person’s gait—whether it’s a quick shuffle or a purposeful stride. ’

Somebody could write a medical PhD thesis on this subject, how walking pattern recognition helps people with eye illnesses and poor eyesights.

My night sight isn’t perfect because of (acutane) an acne medicine that destroys light perception and often makes the day, (too bright) and the night (too dim).

and I should have glasses on rn, but I haven’t gotten the googles check for a few if you know what I mean.

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I have not very good eyesight to begin with, but I see loads better in dim lighting/the dark than I do in bright light. Seriously, my eyes are crazy light sensitive. My friend and I will be walking to class and she’s absolutely fine and I’m practically walking with my eyes closed because the sun blinds me. (When I’m out with my mom at night she always asks me to read the signs for her because she can’t seem them in the dark and I can! Lol) Maybe it’s because my pupils are bigger than normal. Some people say it looks like I’m on drugs when they’re full size but of course I’m not.

I’m also a huge night owl, so maybe I’m just meant to be nocturnal! Ha!

My night vision isn’t very good. Take night driving for instance the more you do it, the better you get at it.

My Day vision isn’t that good. I wear glasses or contacts.

My night vision is worse.

no it’s not that bad anymore, but I do have a couple acne scars from my childhood. Really not fun.

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As a kid I could recognize my mother was coming by the pattern of her high heels clicking on the floor. I never heard anyone else who sounded quite like her.

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