How is sunday going? What's up?

no it is fresh grated ginger cold drink? if that is your question.

yeah I used to go a lot, now just this year I recovered a bit and sometimes still go with friends. I really like going to small pubs though with few friends.

5pm ish now …spent the day rebuilding my motorcycle ,which was challenging …

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we don’t have any clubs here, but If I was well I’d go

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It’s been averaging around 36 C here lately. After a mild start to my summer break, it’s been too hot lately. I have less energy when it’s too hot.
But so far today I’m in a better frame of mind than yesterday. We have no social obligations, or any obligations today so I’m more relaxed.
Funny, again, how I get so lonely and then when my husband is home and we have a family get-together to go to, like yesterday, I get agitated and miserable.
Today is nice and quiet.

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I woke up at 6 am after having gone to bed at 3 am. I tried my best to fall back asleep but was unable. I played the sims for a couple hours. Gave my rat her medicine. Now I am making lunch and trying to study except it’s really difficult because I feel so tired and groggy.

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What does it suffer from???

We aren’t sure. One day when she came out to play I saw her mouth was hanging open and her jaw was crooked like it was dislocated. She had trouble chewing. The next day her mouth looked normal again but she still wasn’t chewing right. The soonest available appointment they had with the vet was 5 days away. She lost a chunk of weight by then, she used to be obese and now she is a healthy weight. They looked at her and said her teeth looked fine but they were misaligned. They said it was probably a hidden abscess or fracture. So I’m giving her medication for both which is not easy to do :cold_sweat:

oh poor rat baby. I hope she gets better real soon


okay Sunday is an absolute success! I went junk food shopping, lol. Actually I went to find a fan for my sons desk so he can stay cooler today. Yesterday his room got unbearable with our ac being broken. The junk food was just a bonus :slight_smile:

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