How is sunday going? What's up?

I’m sorry to hear that Zeno… she is in my prayers.

I am sorry =(


will be hot here today to, inside cleaning stuff up and doing paper work

made coffee and did half the dishes, yeah me! Now I’m fittin’ to make pasta sauce and do the rest of the dishes. Go Me!


pasta sauce, check. dishes, check. Now what the hell do I do? It’s gonna be a long day!

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Chat with me!!! What kinda pasta did you make???

I make almost all types except pesto i do not like

I’m just listening to the radio on my headphones, browsing the forum. And I’m trying not to obsess over my current grades. :sweat:

what happened with your grades?

They went downhill :frowning: well I think my overall grade is around a ‘C-’ or ‘D+’

We have 5 weeks to go, so everyone please pray or send me some good vibes.

I emailed the teacher to ask what my current grade is, but I still haven’t heard back.

I am sorry and best of luck :o)

Sending good vibes your way

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Thank you. We had our first lab practical last wednesday. I’m really anxious over how I did on it :grin:

edited to add: the reason I’m anxious is because we still haven’t gotten our lab practical grade back yet.

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okay, I made pasta sauce with ground beef, zucchini and onions, I’m just gonna use salad macaroni for the pasta 'cuz that’s what I have the most of. I’m expecting my pregnant daughter and her boyfriend so I’m trying to stretch the sauce. I also just put some mini English muffin pizzas in the oven, yummy

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It’s okay. It’s not the end of the world, just take it easy and all will be well. :o)

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oh yeah and I don’t like pesto either yucky, basil in small amounts only

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I LOVE BASIL. But just not pesto. I especially like fresh made with some cocktails.

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I just cant get over the strong taste of basil, it really stands out, overwhelms other flavors

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I could see it going well with a drink though

yeah. Maybe I am used to it. I make salads with a lot of different leaves too, parsley, etc
I even use coriander in a lot of dishes.

Anyway, glad I am not a picky eater, I lose weight quickly and also do not obsess or crave. :o)

The drink is fresh ginger/ basil / gin / soda as I remember.

is the ginger hot?

do you like clubbing?