How is sunday going? What's up?

How’s your day going?

I woke up at 1 pm… finished some work. Ate something small. I have lost some more weight. So Geodon has been the best med for me :o) wish me luck.


It is too hot today - 28 :o)


Sounds great right…??

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I’m spending a lazy Sunday morning. I’ve done a little reading, and I am going to watch a movie soon. My brother in law came to visit Friday, and we went out to eat at a Thai place. It was good.

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I am playing video games and learning my parrot to talk


That’s good for you, good luck

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You think 28 degrees is hot? Here we have 33 right now… And no chance of rain…

Lazy Sunday, just had an ice-cream and now I’m browsing the forum.

Have a nice day everyone!


It is too hot and humid =(

Have a nice day too @Andrey

Were you in US ? or some european country?

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Its cool breez here in kathmanu…i am lying on the floor …chatting with u guys…lonely sunday…

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Romania, Eastern Europe. We have dry hot summers here :sweat: and often very cold winters too. Autumn is my favorite season :slight_smile:
When are you going back to Canada?


my Sunday is fabulous so far. I woke up at 4am got a call at 5am to give a friend a ride home and so far I’ve been too lazy to make coffee. So yeah FABULOUS! I’m gonna get off my ass and go make coffee and do dishes :thumbsdown:

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Oh cool. I have had a few Romanian friends in French class :o) I have a very good friend who is Romanian - I really like her!!! :o)

I am leaving on 6th of July. Hope it’d be alright as I have 9 hours layoff + 15 hours flight. It will be crazy but I’ll be online and chat on the forum. I don’t think I’ll sleep in the plane or airport at all.


I cleaned up my house and spent time with my new cat to get him adjusted to his new home. He spent 80% of today outside from hiding so I think were making good progress.

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Today is Muslim new year (Syawal 1) for Malays in my country.

Yeahhhhh Eid Mubarak to you and your family!!!

Thank you, but I am not Muslim. :disappointed_relieved:

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no worries, I thought may be. Lotsa muslims where I am right now.

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Oh no, it’s a romanian thread, close it mods :smile: just kidding
I’m from Romania too :blush:


I’m watching my grandmother, she is obsessed that she must go ‘home’.

You mean she has something like alzheimer ?!! =( Or something ?

So sorry.

Yes, vascular dementia.